Magic Love



I was taking to a museum by my magic man within. In this museum there were many carved wood and marvel figures of many gods.

I am unimpressed. Then my eyes point to the floor which by the way is made of red wood and carved with figures of more endlessly gods as well with some unknown writings that I was not in the least to know what it means. These gods were from time past and some look like strong and manly warriors.

I did not want to focus on any god in particular because if I did, they would come alive.

Still unimpressed we left to go for a ride in hyperspace. I say hyperspace because he wanted me to see that we were traveling faster than the speed of light- in time to the future.

I was enjoying the feeling and easiness of the travel speed by his side.

We arrived at this place where it was the Fall Season, and the colors of the trees and the leaves everywhere were of a light brown color.

Then he takes me to a secret place where there it is this huge ballroom.  As I am focusing to see what it is that he wants me to see here, I find that what I see is more carved marble figures of endlessly gods! Quickly, and before I do not get disappointed the marble figures of the many gods came alive to that of real human beings all of which were of a radiant brown skin color, and all wearing a white tunic outfit.

Here I am impressed of how beautiful these people are, and wearing that white tunic outfit is startling!

Then what we are observing is the future humanity:  men and women all gathering together in peace and harmony for the entire universe to see.  I cannot keep my eyes from the men in particular; their male essence is so peacefully in balance I tranced myself within their peaceful energy.

Then intuitively they all know that we are watching them, but they do not mind as we are of no harm to anyone.

I woke up to the voice of my magic man whispering in my ears, “May the energy be with you today.” I stood motionless so I could register this navigation I had just went through. Then I said,  “Thank you my love, thank you…” Then I asked, “Wait a minute, you are showing me all the many gods that you were, are, and will be? Alright, alright I got you!”

Spirit is all the gods/goddesses, he is matter, and he is formless, infinite, all-powerful creator, protector, and destroyer. He lives in the future, the past, and the now all at once, and he is the powerful magic force or magic man?

I got out of bed full of energy, laughing aloud, and feeling like twenty feet tall. Usually when I have similar experiences the first thing I do is trying to do magic tricks, like for example touch the ceiling, or reach an object away from me. It does work!

But today I was not into testing magic, however while I am getting my water ready to make my morning tea, I said, “Ok, let me see if I can reach this high ceiling anyways.”

Yes, I touched the ceiling!  And laughing my ass off I also said, “Thank you, thank you my magic man, my magic love, my magic friend!”

Enjoy your 2013 Valentine Day everyone!




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