Easter, the Sun, and the Gods of Fertility


And We Quote:

Keep thou not silent when evil is spoken, for truth like the sunlight shines above all. 

He who over-steppeth the law shall be punished, for only through law comes the freedom of men. 

For unreasonable anger, and desires are the most existing evil.

For it is decreed by fate that he that does any evil should suffer for it.

For it is the greatest evil in the world not knowing God.

The only service of God is not to be evil. ~ Thoth, the god of wisdom


Easter, the sun, and the gods of fertility

The gods are waiting for us waking up and take control for how we govern ourselves responsibly within planet Earth’s physical realm. They have been waiting patiently for us recognizing the universal Law of One. We are the ones we have been waiting for, thus we must be doing our due diligence for working this path for empowerment, and responsibility that it has been giving for us as an inheritance by our own creator from the beginning of creation.

Easter should not be taking so lightly. Easter is all about the nativities= being the creation born again after a long cold Winter Season, is it not? Actually it is the beginning for another round of creation that start a brand New Year. It is the time for restoring again all that exists by the God(s) that are in charge for restoration that start with Easter. This is why the bunnies+ the birds that were hiding during Winter comes instinctively out from their caves+ and nests welcoming the New Season that start the New Year along with our Sun God that give us life,+ the light that nourish the food that we need for surviving this physical realm all through out the New Year.

The name for our Sun God is AmonRa, or is it Jesus? He does not mind us calling him other names as long as we know he is managing the wheels for the traveling Sun LIGHT from within the Sun’s sphere that is VITAL for all living systems. It’s been written that managing the sun light for the creation is so important, that the Sun God would not dare give that responsibility to any other god, therefore he decided handling that himself. Literally and without a minuscule of doubt, we can say that he is our savior. AmonRa is the direct manifestation of Atum, the god of creation. Meaning AmonRa and Atum= same creator God.

Yes, our Sun God faithfully does meet his responsibility without ever complaining about it. However, the fact is he is very sad, so sad that tears comes down his face from his precious eyes. His heart is hurting. Hurting by watching each day how the children of the Sun treat each other. How they treat the unborn,+ and the newborn. How they are killing each other among themselves. How they have forgotten about their own gods that are so vital for their existence. How they have lost the way. How they have ignored the Law of One, or for that matter even the Laws of Men. How they have forgotten restoring themselves,+ and nature.

And for every tear that comes from his precious eyes, he sends them down to earth as an ocean bomb of heart felt conscious light for all men kind awakening their divine essence sooner than later for their greatest empowerment.

And every day from the Gate from the East our Sun God wakes up early in the morning, mighty recharged and ready for a new day after a long night sleep in the Underworld. He does have a routine that is equal to twenty four hours that divides on giving twelve hours for sun light for ALL, navigating through the sky until he reaches the West Gate. Then after he passes through the West gate, it closes behind him, giving then the grand entrance to the Night Sky of Nuit. Nuit is an actual goddess that is the sky herself. Then our Sun God goes to sleep [died] for twelve hours= twenty four hours= a day. Every day our Sun God is reborn again. AmonRa is the Sun, and the Sun is AmonRa. The Underworld, in case some are not aware of, is a sphere from the earth where all souls must passed through before navigating further destination. Apparently as well, the underworld does have subsequent heavenly spheres where mighty gods reside. 

The outer surface from earth have mighty females Goddess as are Isis with her sister Nefte, that responsibilities are that for watching over the crops that life needs sustaining itself. They are managing the process of death that is to follow the activities of life together with god Osiris, the god of love, restoration, and vitality. Isis+ and Nefty have as well power over magical healing. Meaning they can cure the sick! Then there it is Seth, the god of destruction, and storms, that these are to be manifests only when it is necessary destroying what no longer serve its purpose. These tasks were giving to these gods by AmonRa. Then Seth, reminded AmonRa of Appep. AmonRa then told Seth that he needs be very careful handling his violent temper.

Isis+ and Nifty are call by many names such as Ishtar, Mary, Nanna, Enana, etc., all depends the culture we are referring due the fact that these goddesses are well known worldwide from the beginning of creation; and it serves them well because without them, without their divine conscious reproductive energy at work, nothing would reproduce. Nothing would be reborn again like the trees, flowers, the food we eat, oceans, birds, animals, humans. In a nut shell, all living systems from planet earth. AmonRa also told Isis, and Nefte that from their light ships reflect a second darken light than the sun’s light during the night. This light reflection is what we call the Moon! In another way, the Moon is a light reflection of the Sun!


Above, a statue of Isis in the Egyptian Pantheon

Osiris married Isis, the love of his life, and the sister of Nefte; and then after Isis married Osiris, Nefte had no choice but to settle with Seth. In another way, two sisters married two brothers. And then they lived within their own separate temples= palaces within the land of Egypt. Egypt was the first extension of dry land created by Gaef=Gaia= earth that represents a male gender, that led then creating the first civilization on earth call the Anubian Dynasty that was govern by gods. The name Anubian comes from the name Atum, and or Nun.

Appeb is the antithesis of Prime Creator that his name is Atum, and that both Appeb and Atum are the children of NUN= the universal vast Conscious Ocean Sky of Nothingness, yet it contains all that exists. Appeb+ and Atum= the NUN. Not to be confuse with Nuit that is our earth’s sky although there are similarities.

Prime Creator needed creating more gods due the fact that more orders need it be added for this round of creation be finally complete. In another way, more gods needed be created in order to have a good government in place. Then AmonRa created Sekmet or Hathor that have two aspects that could either spread infinite love, or hate. She would manifest whatever she thought was necessary. AmonRa also created Maat, the goddess for order. She was to represent all that was good and true. Long as Maat exists, so would order. Maat was join with the god of wisdom that name is Thoth, the first god created by Atum.  AmonRa also created Basted, the goddess that can destroy all agents of Appeb, the universal evil Snake that loves chaos. He also created Anubis, the god of the dead. Anubis is the god that guides all the souls through the underworld, the place where we go after we have left this physical realm. Meaning after what we call death. Anubis is also the god of embalming the dead. AmonRa then created all plants and animals.

Long and behold one day AmonRa told Osiris that He was ready to create a new specie, and Osiris was to be the leader of this new specie.

AmonRa was so moved after eons of waiting for all creations be finally completed,+ and having a place like earth for sustaining life with a sun that himself manage over the sky,+ just as important having a pantheon for the gods! All these was just beyond words. He got so emotional that tears came running from his eyes. And these tears took forms as the first men and women of Egypt. Meaning AmonRa created the first humans species. These species were very beautiful, and with distinctive characteristics, as for example, some were with stunning dark skin color; others with stunning red skin; others had yellow, brown, white, and blue skin color! Some of them were very tall, and others were not. These species then were settled by AmonRa himself all throughout where it was land so they would multiply. These species as well were very intelligent, that learn quickly working with nature, and the animals for their own survival.

All the gods were giving bodies as that of the mortal men and women, however, some were giving as well body as humans but the heads as that of an animal. For example Thoth was giving the head of an ibis; Hathor or Sexmet could take the head of a cow or a lion; Maat could take the form of a woman or a feather; Anubis was giving the head of a jackal; Seth that of a compose manifestation off a dog, a fox, and a serpent. This was perfect for Seth since he was the manifestation of chaos that had no standard form. Basted was giving the body of a woman but the head of a cat. AmonRa liked the head of a hawk, however he could take any form whenever he liked, but no matter what form AmonRa always took, a beacon of light was always shining on the top of his skull.

And after men has grown so quickly with knowledge, Osiris then introduced himself to them as their king with his queen Isis. They were a loving couple that care indeed about the common men, women, and children of Egypt. And great reverence was giving to the great pharaoh Osiris, and his queen Isis for millenniums.

Our Sun God also gives light to others spheres that are holding planets that are from our own neighborhood, or from same solar system. These spheres with their respective planets amount to nine, or twelve that as well are inhabited by vicious gods, or lords that responsibilities are that of [lending] stuffs for humanity until humanity is ready to return to Prime Creator. These lords challenge humanity for our greatest good.  For example, the goddess from planet Venus is lending us vicious lavish love+ sexual immorality+ illusions, while the god from Mars is lending us all technologies that can be very destructive for us,+ as well lending us wars machines, etc. The fact is that each god has something for lending us for playing with within this physical realm, whether we use it for good deeds, or for that matter use it for destroying ourselves. We are responsible for our own actions. Further, at the end we all must return what we borrowed. This have got to do with Astrology.+ and with specific energies that can empower us.=ascension= awareness. In truth, ascension is achieve by means of initiations granted by the gods to a/each individual that is worth it.


We are going to touch briefly about a war that took place among the gods during the first dynasty in Egypt that was the Anubian Dynasty. Keep in mind that Egypt then was referred to the entire planet earth where then was one world government, and one universal language.

It all started with the heart breaking surprising death of the loving pharaoh Osiris during the prime of his usefulness. Osiris had a very painful death by his own brother Seth= Satan. He tricked Osiris to his own death in front of many distinguished guests that all were invited to a fine gathering. Seth was jealous of Osiris with his own wife Nefte, and he wanted revenge by him then furiously dissecting Osiris alive! Then after, Seth had the audacity announcing publicly that he had kill Osiris, at the same time showing all Egypt all the body parts from Osiris body to prove it! He then scattered all the body parts all throughout the vast land, then further, proclaiming himself the pharaoh of Egypt. No one was able challenging, or say anything because they were all scared dying just like Osiris. Then Seth forced Nefte be his queen and counsel as the rulers of Egypt. Nefte was not happy about this.

Both Isis and Nefte were terrified. Desperately, they asked Anubis, the god for the dead for assistance about returning Osiris back to life! And Anubis told them that there was no way he could assist, not if Osiris died without his organs. It is of extreme importance that when the mortals died they are buried with all theirs organs, or else they cannot recuperate their body again once they are in the underworld. They must be complete. They must be original as nature made them. A decimated body can not contain a soul, Anubis said.

Meanwhile, AmonRa is watching everything from above, and did not want intervene in the moral coil though. Instead he travels every night to the underworld so he can meet with Osiris in the afterlife. Yet while there, AmonRa became trapped looking for the soul of Osiris, and now with no sun in the sky, the reign of Seth as a pharaoh is a very dark age.

Time passed, and Isis is living by herself out side of town. Determined to bring Osiris back, and not knowing what to do, she asked Thoth, the god of wisdom for assistance. Thoth located the organs from Osiris body, and gave Isis a map to find them. It took Isis a long time, but she finally collected the scattered organs buried under the sand, and within different parts of the endlessly desert. Now the question is, how to bring Osiris back to life! Her entire life is a disaster, Seth has taking her sister away from her, and witnessing Osiris death right in front of her eyes was much too much!

She then traveled back to the temple where she and Osiris once lived. She could not believe her eyes when she arrived, as once a magnificent palace, is now falling apart during Seth reign. Poverty is surrounding all the area. It is as if life has cease to exists. Still Isis was determined to bring her lover back to life. She then asked Thoth and Anubis again for help bringing Osiris back! She also sent a secret message for Nefte informing her that Isis has found all the pieces of Osiris, and she was ready to resurrect him. Immediately Nefte spirited away to assist. They also knew that it would not take long for Seth finding out Nefte is missing.

Anubis, Isis addressed, what is the state of AmonRa in the underworld? Anubis explained that AmonRa successfully met the soul of Osiris, and that in the land of the dead Osiris has gain even greater power. Yet when Osiris return to the moral coil his power would be far lessen. He also explained that once Osiris return to life, AmonRa would be free to leave the land of the dead, and return the sun to the proper place over the land of Egypt.

Isis asked how would they bring Osiris back to life again? Anubis told her that it would take the effort off everyone present to put all the pieces back to the corpse of Osiris again, and work out such of miracle. Both Isis and Nefte have power over life and death, and as well power over magical healing. Thoth is the god of wisdom; and Anubis is the god of the dead, and embalming.

The four of them combined their power and started reconstructing the body of Osiris one piece at a time. His limbs and flesh were pieced together, and then wrapped in several layers of linnen. His organs were set in separate jars since they could not fit inside the body. This process that the gods created while trying to resurrect Osiris was known as mummification, and Osiris was the first Mummy.

After the body of Osiris is reconstruct the best that they could, Nefte, and Isis started their magical healing, and necromancy.

Yet time had run too short.

While assisting with the healing of necromancy, suddenly an impact so strong on the palace shattered walls to dust! Seth had invades the palace bringing with him horrendous black clouds, vicious lightening strikes, thunders, rains, and as well, a furious sand storm that are engulfing the vast sky, and land of Egypt, and beyond.

The news of Seth’s storms traveled instantaneously throughout the cosmos+ the underworld, and there is nothing none of the gods can do at the moment, except observe the unbelievable.

The damages are incomprehensible. It is sad, and it is heart breaking. Seth’s storms have destroyed an entire civilization along with men’s structures, theirs crops, and all their animals. Oceans have shifted, and lakes, and rivers are all flooded. It seems AmonRa’s entire creation is all gone! These catastrophes have left the gods from other dimensions jaws dropped, as they never seen anything like it.

However, in the middle of all these evil storms, and disasters, the two lovers of Osiris must go on finishing the spell of resurrection and transmutation.

So here is where you have ran off my beloved Nefte. And look, you have even decided to aid this fuss I see, said Seth, and continuing, You as well invited Anubis, and Thoth, the wisest, I see. My oh my… How would I be able to stop all of you; and why am I even stopping you from completing? Could it be the rebirth of my vile brother Osiris?

Both Nefte and Isis are doing their best casting their spells under the horrific circumstance, and ignoring Seth, yet a great fear started to overtake them both. Without any doubt Seth is the greatest warrior among the gods. There were none to rival his skills in battle. What- ever Seth aim to destroy, will surely be destroy. Both Thoth and Anubis knew this, and neither was foolish enough to challenge Seth either.

Yet Thoth stepped in the middle of the furious, and foggy sand storm and said to Seth, Stop yours violent hands! The return of AmonRa from the Duat (underworld) depends on the returning of Osiris from the dead! This rival series of events have taking a greater meaning than your rival grief with Osiris.

Although Seth respected AmonRa, and Thoth, he will not be sway from retrieving Nefte from Osiris. I don’t care said Seth, as he approached closer, and continuing. If my mind so happened to keep both Osiris and AmonRa in the Duat, then my mind must be right!

Please listen to my word, said Thoth, but Seth have had enough. Silent Thoth, your cunning tongue will not persuade me here nor there, said Seth.

Do you wish to do battle with me? Thoth asked Seth.

Of course not, but I will. Do you wish to do battle with me? Seth answered.

Thoth did not answer Seth. He instead turned to Isis, Nefte, and Anubis that were performing spells in the middle of the sand storm, and then he said, May Atum smile upon you. Then instantly Thoth vanished, but he did not leave the two sisters alone to defend against Seth, as from the spot where he was standing, an army of warriors soldiers magically appeared ready to do battle with the mighty Seth. Thoth knew that the soldiers would only entertain Seth while the sisters finish their work with Osiris.

Seth shrugged, and then said, What a trice joke this Thoth can be, as he ready his own sword. Then Anubis stepped forward.

Please Anubis, said Seth to him, we both know that you do not have what it takes to Best me in combat. Another contest, and I will assure you no one can compare to my might.

I know that, Anubis answered. I will never challenge you mighty pharaoh.

Then get out of my way, Seth ordered.

I will, said Anubis. And an army of soldiers busted from under the floor Anubis is standing, then like the speed of light, he takes off just like Thoth did.

Anubis returned to the underworld checking to see how AmonRa and Osiris were doing. Meanwhile, Seth has two battalions in front of him!

Distraction and more distraction. What a waste of time, said Seth, as the two battalions do not dare challenging him. Cowards, and more cowards, what is wrong with you? Come and fight! Seth shouted. Then like dancing with the dead, and flipping his sword within the foggy air, Seth then pierced his sword within each soldier’s heart faster than the speed of light! Some as well, and in an instant got dissected, then their parts were flown in the air like flying pancakes.

This entire scenario was serving as a barrier for a while for the two sisters finishing the dead Osiris. Meanwhile as well, Seth’s storms have done catastrophic damages throughout the vast land of Egypt, and beyond. Not many people are the ones that survived. Seth has sunk a great deal of land, and now not even the gods have a faint idea what would Atum, and Appep do next.

The two sister were making good progress bringing Osiris to life, but it was taking all their energies. Nefte collapsed and she felt on her knees. Nefte told Isis to leave the place at once and take Osiris with her while she entertain Seth. I can’t do that, said Isis. Yes you can, he is almost done alive, and you can finish the work by yourself. Please leave before it is too late! Nefte answered.

Grudgingly, Isis leave, but she do not have enough energy for teleporting herself very far, so she hides in the same palace in another room!

Not giving up, and over worked, Isis then continue with Osiris her magic spells. Then a few days after, suddenly she noticed Osiris is wiggling his fingers? And then now he is moving his legs? And if she is not mistaken he is trying to stand up?

He is standing! And he is now walking… Walking towards her! Isis is so overjoyed, she rushed to embrace the love of her life. Their love is so, so profound that neither one could get away from each other.

And then long after Isis takes off her robe, and looking Osiris in his eyes, said. My love, for so long we have been together, and for so long our love has grown even stronger. My love, it is my wish this time that we conceive a child whether a son, or a daughter. A child born from Isis and Osiris, the hearts of Love.

And with their hearts melting within divine fire, the two lovers make love in the heavenly realms.

And for a while they seems as living a normal life as a couple that are born for adoring each other for eternity.


And Osiris Impregnates Isis. The good new is heard all throughout the Duat, and all throughout the cosmos, however, they all kept silence, except for Nefte that when she hears the great new, she jumped to sing+ and dance in pure joy! And surprisingly as well, after a long time without sun light throughout the vast land, AmonRa appears shining his sun light ship over the land of Egypt!

Meanwhile, seeing that the sun came back to Egypt, Seth immediately figured out all that has been taking place behind his back. And now he is ready for war.

And like a storm, Seth invades Osiris, and Isis space, threatening to kill them at once!

So there you are, necromancy lovers, said Seth.

Stop your actions villain, responded Osiris immediately to Seth, standing tall and handsome, and not far away from Seth.

Do you want to do battle with me? asked Seth to Osiris.

Yes, one on one after I speak to my wife. And turning to Isis, Osiris said, Leave Isis, leave, leave now! Raise our child with dignity, and when he grows up let him make his own decision.

Am I having a boy? Isis Asked. Insisting, Osiris repeats to her, Leave now Isis, leave!  Leave now before is too late. Before darkness fall upon all Egypt indefinitely.

With tears in her eyes, and terrified, she leaves the room then teleport herself not very far to an isolated area. Leaving Osiris is much too painful… Then she awakes to the reality that the sun is once again shinning over the land of Egypt, and her heart is over joyed for the fact that returning Osiris to life again was a miracle by the gods to safe mankind! If there is no sun, there can be no life on earth. Love is the only thing that moves– that moves all things. Is it not, AmonRa? Thank you. Thank you for the light. She said looking up the shinning sky, and wiping her tears with her hands. Then she remembers she is carrying the love of her life child’s within her womb, and this is sure enough for her moving forward with her own life. Only though, she needs now a proper place to live so she can recharge herself again, that is if there is such thing after Seth’s storms almost destroy the existence. Then she promised the gods that she will raise her child in a way that all the gods would be proud of him.

Nefte watched Seth killed his own bother Osiris with punches, leaving his body laying on the floor. Then he turned to Nefte and tells her, Now my queen, you will do as I say. Stop working with necromancy and leave the dead where they belong in the Duat.

Then before they left, Seth summoned a sand storm bury the entire place where Isis and Osiris once lived, along with Osiris dead body. He also commanded that their temple never ever be found again.

Note: Keep in mind that god Anubis said to Isis that when Osiris would resurrects, his magical powers would be very weak, however, it was meant for him died this time. And are you aware that Osiris= Or Isis. This is not a coincidence. Then moving on, Nefte and Seth went on continuing being the rulers of Egypt but Nefte was never happy.

The entire land of Egypt is deepen in sadness, and now with the second death of the mighty pharaoh, is even worse. So much is the confusion as some say he resurrected for sure from the dead, and others are doubtful.+ Isis, his queen is nowhere to be found. Some even say that they all perhaps left the country, but where? Others think that he will come back again in his light ship and take all the people that are left with him, I mean why not? He is the leader here on earth just as the son of the father= AmonRa= the chief for all the gods said. Oh Osiris, how the people miss you so dearly in the land of Egypt, the people moaned each day. Silence ruled Egypt for the longest time…

And Egypt is govern by the most evil entity on earth= Seth, the brother of Osiris. Dark times had fallen over Egypt. And Osiris, that after being resurrected from the dead, and killed the second time by Seth, is welcome again in the underworld as the king of the living, and now as well king of the dead! Anubis had the honor crowning him with such dignity. No one in the history of the universe had ever resurrected from the dead, mighty king. You are the leader for both the living, and for the dead, said Anubis. And a new palace was giving to Osiris as the new king of the underworld within a heavenly sphere, surrounded by distinguish assistants.

According to Anubis, all souls would have to passed an obstacle course, and or having their hearts be weighted on a scale against a feather! This feather is equal to the goddess Maat that govern order+ and truth= transparency. If a soul’s heart weight is equal to that of the feather, then the soul passed the test, thus then it would be pick up by AmonRa Sun’s ship that then they would be brought to Osiris, the redeemer. There then, that soul’s physical correspondent body that the angel of death had preserve for this occasion would be giving back to that soul= a transparent physical body.+ further, Osiris would be in charge for giving all souls higher education about universal laws, nature, the spheres, and the gods. These souls would never have to be born again within upper earth! And those souls that failed the test, they will be left on their own roaming the underworld where immediately, and or at any giving time, enormous evil snakes, and or enormous evil crocodiles would swallow them as if they never existed. They say that Osiris hears our cries, moans, and noises from the underworld; and some say he roams the earth without anyone even noticing it. And until these days people are still waiting for their king’s return. But meanwhile how can nature be restore? How could they keep balancing nature without Osiris? If nature is unbalance everyone would perish, the people, and the priests would murmur.


In the beginning Atum created two children that are Shoo, and Tefnut. Both Shoo, and Tefnut are the intrinsic principle for male+ and female genders. Shoo, the  principle of air is male, and Tefnut, the principle of moist[water] represents female. Shoo and Tefnut were inseparable, thus they created two children that are Gaef= Gaia= earth= male,+ and Nuit= the sky that is female. Both Gaef and Nuit were inseparable, meaning they were attached to each other, however they needed be separated in order for their four children that they created be liberate, as they were trap in the womb of Nuit. Those four children are Isis, Nefte, Osiris, and Seth.

Separating Nuit+ and Gaef from each other was not an easy task, however, Shoo, the principle of air managed separating them after all. It was then that the maternal waters from Nuit scattered, and then forming oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams everywhere, and as well giving space for vast dry land that then become what we call Earth= Egypt= Africa that was the first point of direct landing for the grandchildren+ and great grandchildren of Atum experience life after a proper atmospheric system was establish by Shoo+ and by Teftnut, that are the first children of Atum. This was the perfect opportunity for Shoo+ and Teftnut find a perfect place call home, as they were lost in the sky of NUN without finding a proper sphere for a very long time for them to live. This means that since Gaef, and Nuit are separated, and earth is formed, then Shoo, the principle of air+ and Tefnut, the principle of moist would be then between Nuit, and Gaef= earth,+ and sky, giving the perfect atmosphere for life to exists. In another way, the air we breathe is the breath of Shoo,+ and Teftnut that are the essence of Atum.

Earth is male as we stated, however on surface earth rests the womb of Nuit= the sky which from above she protects. And thus we can say that earth as well is female but when we say this we should be looking above where Nuit rests. Which by the way, is from the word Nuit that the word Nature comes from. So if we say that earth was separated from the sky, we say, yes it was, but it was slightly separated, giving space then, for life to exists. Same principle applies when all creatures are born from the mother’s womb. They must be cut free from the mother womb’s umbilical cord so they can experience life but in reality that creature never cease to exists being part of its own mother.

The story that we are making public here took place about twenty six thousands years ago, that equal to an entire round of creation.


We should continue in part two telling you all, who the son of Isis is! And what happened to Seth next for his evil actions. It will blow your mind. An event took place that impacted all the existence, and from there on is when the Old Testament is bury along with the Anubian Dynasty, giving way for the beginning for a/the New Testament that would guide nature restoration, order, and balance. Understand that part two would take a while to publish. NOTE: this material may be shared, however, copy right is prohibited without consent.


We would like bringing for your attention that the evil corporal zionists cult that call themselves Jews but are NOT, from the suppose State of Israel in Palestine, and around the world, are snakes agents of Appeb, same as the Muhammed-dan lineage of assassins, pedophiles, children murderers, slaves traders, slime balls females haters, control freaks demonic whores that call themselves Muslims but are not. They have blasphemed the female goddesses tremendously by naming them evil goddesses that love human babies+ other creatures as sacrifice! The facts are, these demons in human form are the ones killing children, drinking their blood, propagating sexual immorality, and wars, as we are very aware of this. They are the ones that have the notion they are superiors from others intellectually, racially, and even declaring the Creator chose them as special against the rest of our humanity.

They even made us believe the suppose State of Israel is where civilization started! And they even made us believe that Abraham, and his two sons, Isaac, and Jacob are truly their descendants closed relatives, and so does Moses, Ester, Joseph, and Mary, Jesus, Abel, and Cain, Noah, and a suppose king David that is a blaspheme of higher proportion, same as are the twelve tribes of Israel. For the laugh, the twelve tribes of Israel is reference for the twelve chakras, and or the twelve planets that are within us, and or within Israel. Israel means the human body, and or the physical earth, and or Jerusalem. It also means elohim as AmonRa,+ and Isis. Israel=Jerusalem= earth= Egypt= Africa where it all started, and where it all would ends. Keep also in mind that our earth is an entirely holy sacred sentient BE’ing! Be aware that we are all walking on sacred ground. Further, the twelve tribes of Israel is for reference as well as the twelve cells salts that are essential for the human body functionality= the twelve apostles? Enough said.

Keep in mind that this have got nothing to do with the City of Jerusalem in Palestine. We must honor whatever the Palestinian people said about their sacred sites, and or history within their country. The facts are that all the Bible stories are extension, and or excerpts from the ancient Anubian civilization from Egypt, and their gods, specially the god of wisdom that name is Thoth.+ as well their magnificent pharaohs, and divine magicians. And do not let us get started with all those religions from India! India as being one of the most corrupt country in the world, and where most poverty exists, thanks to the Royals from England, and theirs Mohammed-dan associates. And we are not going to mention the Annunaki either, nor the evil Talmud, and the Koran. The fact is that all these religious masters, and or evil agents had all the same intention, and that was enslaving humanity by writing religious texts based on the gods from ancient Egypt knowingly to deceive us for their own conveniences of course. Be not a fool believing anything else. The name of the God for all these religion’s masters, is Money.

They have depict the goddess as whores. They also depicted Osiris as a god with green skin, and with all the facts about him mixed with lies. They also cursed the Sun God, and or for that matter all divine gods that without them none of us today would be alive. They even created evil gods that are only existing within theirs evil imagination. We remind everyone that all these gods, and goddesses we are speaking off, as are Osiris, Seth, Nefte, and Isis, etc., and that are vital for our own existence, are conscious energy= principalities= elements that can take physical forms, and that deserve us honoring them with every breath we take.

Truly, what these females goddess loves most is for us offering them flowers just as all the beautiful flowers that they reproduce at the festive celebration for the Spring Season that start with Easter, and or Ramadan for the Muslims people. They also encourage us loving dearly our offspring by taking care for ALL while within the mother’s wombs and beyond, that they with the assistance from the god of fertility bring for existence. These gods and goddesses love for us having an altar for them. Further, we can ask for their assistance on any issue that we may have, and specially health issues, where Isis, or Nefte would be glad to assists. Remember that they are the goddess that cure the ill= all kinds of diseases. We can also ask Thoth+ and Maat for understanding, and wisdom, and issues that have to do with the law! It is good when we ask for assistance offer a white candle and let it burn until it is all gone, and or for that matter always have a burning candle for our creator, and the gods protecting us, and guiding us all way always. And remember each day acknowledge AmonRa, our sun god that is there for us to thrive. Remember that the EYE(s) of AmonRa sees everything. Do give him thanks dearly, and ask for his protection. All these gods and goddesses are eager for helping us, remember that we are their family. Further, it is vital that the man honor the woman, and the woman honor the man, as no gender is superior to the other. For both gender male+ and female being disrespectful about each other maliciously, is indeed disrespecting our own nature.


We are going making clear that under any circumstances confuse the name of the goddess Isis with the terrorists organization Isis, that original name is Aegis that are independent terrorists contractors from the Spencer family from England= Nicholas Soames= private military group= evil zionists working with corporal Israelis buddies on all terrorism abroad, and together with the mobs from NATO, UN, IMF, World Bank, USA, INICEF, UNESCO, and etc.+ ISIS= Israel Secret Intelligence Service= Mossad= created by corporal USA+ Israel.  

FURTHER, the Evangelical community within the United States unknowingly are being the biggest suckers for the suppose State of Israel, supporting indeed Israel’s terrorism agenda against the Palestinian people,+ within the region. Inclusive now the Israelis covertly brainwashing countries all over the world to supporting their technological agriculture exploitation, as if nature need a superior technology to thrive, and as if people cannot handle their natural agricultural communities matters within their own country. These Israelis gold diggers, and along with BAYER from Germany are the ones destroying the seeds we need to reproduce the food we need to survive as are beans, rice, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, corn, and etc., with Genetically Engineered Organism that are lethal for our body. The Israelis as well, have hundreds of Jewish mobs all throughout our country selling all kinds of drugs, and doing human trafficking in all forms, then these cunnings criminals thugs go on disguising as distinguish elites! Read more here: http://freeport1953.com/orsini-rosenberg-alchemical-mafia/ Israel as well, is a world leader in harmful technologies that are detrimental for our environment, the human body, and all creatures. In fact, they are the ones that calibrated 5G along with the British, and that viciously are brainwashing all countries to install this technology that plain and simple is direct genocide against the creation. Making profit is more important than destroying everything. The allege corporal USA had been giving to Israel all the power that it possess ever since the creation in 1948 of the suppose State of Israel, including all technologies, nuclear ammunition, and arms, as well as all intellectual properties that belongs to the American people that they share as well with the Chinese!

Not bad considering that internet navigation was invented by American ingenuity, meaning is an invention that was stolen from the Leader family from the United States. This is call stealing intellectual property= fraud= treason. Not bad for Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, YouTube, and etc., that glorified themselves as if they are the ones that created it! And Google for example is the master engine that takes care for delivering the evil zionists convenient, and convincing propagandas worldwide full of dishonest journalism that brainwash the people. Germany, UK, and the United States as being the worse countries that welcome these nauseating actions. As gullible that the good Evangelicals Christians are, every months millions, and millions of dollars go towards the zionists talmudic Bolsheviks murderers evil rabbis, and politicians enterprise from Israel, that on their back laugh at the Evangelical gullibility! They even have the audacity commanding destroying the Temple Mount so they can build a temple for the suppose messiah that is coming to safe them!

Pastor John Hagee for example, is the one that instigated moving the USA Embassy from where it was to the Israelis side, and as well masterminded the Theft of the Golan Hights from Syria be [supposedly] giving to the gold diggers from Israel so they can have more land, and more reason for killing the Syrian people, and all those around the region. We remind those involve in the Golan Hights piracy, that anything done with fraud never happened. John Hagee, and his congregation are against all the Christians principles that are all about walking a path that no matter what religions we are coming from, it will lead us to achieve self- mastery over our lives that comes with true universal knowledge, transparency, courage, love-light, responsibility, custodianship,+ and compassion for all the Creator’s creation. It is a path where we are in connection with our own divine nature: with the elements, the gods, the spheres, and etc. Christianity is not a religion, it is walking a path for spiritual freedom for our own self- empowerment. “Spirituality does not come from religion. It comes from our soul. We must stop confusing religion and spirituality. Religion is a set of rules, regulations and rituals created by humans, which was suppose to help people grow spiritually. Due to human imperfection religion has become corrupt, political, divisive and a tool for power struggle. Spirituality is not theology or ideology. It is simply a way of life, pure and original as was giving by our Creator of creation. Spirituality is a network linking us to our Creator, the universe, and each other.” ~and quote. We are a people that as ONE are on a mission as agents for the Creator here on planet Earth. That is all.

It is no wonder the evil zionists pedovore mobs from Washington, as are the entire USA congress that disguise as public servants when in truth they are all top criminals that works for greed, racketeering, and are traitors, inclusive all politicians alike, and parasites as Dick Cheney, Elio Abram, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, David Freedman, Nicky Haley, and etc., just adore pastor John Hagee, and so does Polish born American lover, and war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, that all together killed as well almost four thousands innocents Americans on 9/11. An evil action indeed showing their true love for the United States, and its people, is it not?

It is time knowing the facts, and stopping the insanity once sense for all. It is time we each individually think for ourselves, and govern ourselves. It is time to grow up, and knowing the difference between good, and between evil, and knowing as well the facts who our enemies are. The enemies that never in the first place should have had a free pass for entering our country as are the Israelis, the British, the Chinese, and the Muhammed-dan. With all these being the facts, let us all do our due diligence honoring our true nature without the infringements, division, hate, hypocrisy, and ignorance. It is time stopping using [a god: nature] as a tool for acquiring wealth, recognition, and prestige, even if it takes killing the innocents, stealing, invading, violating laws, and lying. These are pure evil.

It is time for us uniting with our divine nature by honoring ourselves as who we are. The time for discarding what no longer serve their purpose is now! It is time for holding accountable, liable, and responsible all the culprits that have caused knowingly direct harm for us all. And further, our main focus during this physical realm should be preparing ourselves for what awaits us after we died. Honor. Respect. Guardianship. Courage. Love for ALL… the EYE AM. ~LFabre


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