The Absolute, Part 3

We are now going to continue with our lecture about the Absolute. This time we are going to talk about the third part of the Absolute which is the AIN SOPH AUR.

The Ain Soph Aur

Each Universe in infinite space possesses its own central Sun and the addition of all those Spiritual Suns constitute the AIN SOPH AUR= the Protocosmos, the Solar Absolute.

The Solar Absolute is formed by multiple, transcendental, and divine Spiritual Suns. The emanation of our “Omnimerciful and Sacred Solar Absolute” is the “Great Breath, profoundly unknowable to itself.”

A great deal has been spoken of the Sacred Solar Absolute, and it is obvious that each Solar System is governed by one of these Spiritual Suns. Indeed, these are extraordinary Spiritual Suns that sparkle with infinite splendor in space. These are radiant Spheres that astronomers will never perceive through their telescopes.

This means that our organization of worlds possess its own sacred Absolute Sun, as well as the other solar systems of the unalterable Infinite. The Protocosmos, or first cosmos, is infinitely divine, ineffable; no mechanical principle exist within it. It is governed by one unique Law. If you profoundly reflect on the solar Absolute, you will see that beyond it exists the most complete liberty, the most absolute happiness, because everything is governed by that singular Law.

Unquestionably, within the sacred solar Absolute, in the central spiritual sun of this solar system in which we live, move and have our Being, there does not exist any type of mechanization. Therefore, it is obvious that the most complete blessing reigns there.

It is indubitable that in the Central Spiritual Sun, governed by the unique Law, exists the unutterable happiness of the eternal living God. Unfortunately, while we get further and further from the Sacred Absolute Sun, we penetrate each time into more and more complicated worlds, where automatism, mechanization and pain are introduced.

Obviously, in the Second Cosmos of Three Laws, the Ayocosmos (planets, suns and firmament), joy is incomparable because there is less materialism. In that region, every atom possesses only three atoms of the Absolute within its interior nature.

How distinct is the Third Cosmos, the Macrocosmos (our Galaxy, the Milky Way) which is governed by six Laws. There materiality increases because any of its atoms possess six atoms of the Absolute within its interior.

By penetrating into the Forth Cosmos, the Deuterocosmos (our Solar System) which is governed by twelve Laws, we find more dense matter due to the concrete fact that any of its atoms possesses twelve atoms of the absolute.

If we carefully examine the Fifth Cosmos, the Mesocosmos (the Planet Earth) governed by Twenty-Four Laws, we will see that any of its atoms possesses twenty-four atoms of the Absolute within its interior nature.

Let us study in detail the sixth Cosmos, the Microcosmos (the human being), which is governed by Forty- Eight Laws. We will see by means of divine clairvoyance that any atom of the human organism possessed forty- eight atoms of the Absolute.

Let descend a little more and enter into the kingdom of the most cruel materialism, the Seventh Cosmos, the Tritocosmos (the Infernal Worlds); we will discover that under the crust of the planet where we live, the first infra dimensional zone governed by Ninety-six Laws exist. The density of this region has increased frightfully, because any atom processes ninety-six atoms of the Absolute within its intimate nature.

In the second infernal zone, every atom possesses one hundred and ninety-two atoms of the Absolute. In the third zone, every atom possesses three hundred and eighty- four atoms of the Absolute, etc., etc., etc., and the materialism increases in a very frightful and horrific way.

Obviously, we become independent in a progressive way from the will of the Absolute when we fall into the complicated mechanics of this great Nature, when we become submerged within more and more complicated laws, if we want to reconquer freedom, we must liberate ourselves from too much mechanization, and too many laws, and return unto the Father.

Ostensibly, we must Fight in a vigorous way in order to liberate ourselves from the 48, 24, 12, 6, 3, Laws in order to really return into the Sacred Absolute Sun of our Solar System.

By LFabre/Samuel Aur Weor

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~ LFabre/SAW


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