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Queen of Light

 Day 49-January 11, 2012 Queen of Light From the Great Central Sun, the Queen of Light wields great powers of Source light and utilizes her action by radiating high frequency crystal light substance. She can be especially helpful in our efforts of transmission and energy transference across the planetary Crystalline Grid. Call upon her legions of light for the action of the Crystal Sword to cut through the densest human creation, to clear all that is not reflective of the crystal-clear radiance Read more [...]

The Seven Sacred Weeks Decrees

 The Seven Sacred Weeks takes place twice a year, for 7 weeks each time. Beginning on the third Thursday of May and then beginning again on the 4th Thursday of November, on the American Thanksgiving Holiday, every year. Thursday, May 19, 2011 | Thursday, November 24, 2011         For seven weeks and 49 straight days, we are offered a glorious opportunity to come together to receive Divine Intervention from the Ascended and Angelic Host during these greatest concentrated Read more [...]