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The World

The whole world fits into My Heart. The whole world, Universe, every human being, every animal, every stone, every seashell, every particle of sand, and the entire Kingdom of Heaven fit into My Heart. You are in My Heart. All the everything created fits in My Heart. The world is a big place, and the world fits into My Heart. All that you perceive as out there happens within the dwelling place of My Heart. My Heart is a chalice with no top and no bottom. Everything thought or unthought fits Read more [...]

Out of the Past into the New

  My dear children, the first thing you must do is remove the sentence, "I just can't," from your vocabulary. What you think, you encourage. What you say, you incur. What you repeat, you strengthen. Listen to the statements you make. Listen to your slogans. Listen to the advertising that you give yourself. Whatever it may be that you "just can't," you must. It may not mean you have to do it, but it does mean you have to stop bowing to it, and you may have to do what you fear Read more [...]

Brief Affirmation

Heavenly Father, Thy cosmic life and I are one. Thou art the ocean, I am the wave; we are one. I demand my divine birthright, intuitively realizing that all wisdom and power already exist in my soul. God is just behind my reason, today and every day, and is guiding me to do the right thing always. God is the indwelling Self of man and the sole Life of the whole universe. I am submerge in eternal light. It permeates every particle of my being. I am living in that light.  The Divine Read more [...]