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Memorial Day

If I were to have had my young son or daughter killed in a place like the Middle East or anywhere else outside the United States in a war, I would be heart broken, and most certainly to blame as well for his, or her death. But regardless, we are all guilty of our young people death in the “line of duty” as they commonly say, which is one of the heaviest lie in the entire universe. Heaviest because it is carried out on wars, crimes, and corruptions on human, as well as all living creatures, and Read more [...]

Must Go On

I remember a friend of mine telling me a long time ago, "It is not the trip that counts, it's getting there." That has been for ever in my mind. Truly, it does makes lot of sense, and I use that as an example in every thing that I do every day. Let us take such as, the task of moving from one place to another. We know that moving is one of the hardest tasks to do, and I do not like it at all. In fact, I only moved a couple of times in my entire life, while most of my family and friends tends to Read more [...]