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About the Body

About the body: Man was created in the image of God. Now what exactly that mean? I ask because there are many people out there that do not understand this question just yet, and it breaks our hearts to see people ignorant of all these wonders. Put it this way, all the wonders, mysteries, beauty, wisdom, power, and divinity, are is all within ourselves. We are a Mini Universe, or like from the beginning of time they called it= a Microcosm. Meaning the smallest that emanated from the Macrocosm, Read more [...]

All About The Elements

All about the Elements: Anyone using the elements to aim to glory, power, and riches, and annihilation of his enemiesĀ and nation will be for a big, big, disappointment. Sects and religions do not understand the meaning or expression of the word, "magic" other than black magic, witchcraft or evil powers. No wonders, and astonishingly people are frighten with horror when they hear the word "magic." Charlatans, jugglers, and conjurers have discredited this term from the beginning of time, no wonder Read more [...]