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  One of the prime essentials of enthusiasm lies in that quality called happiness. A happy disposition develops a radiant personality. To develop a permanently radiant personality one must form the habit of being permanently happy. Can one form such a habit? Let us consider a habit is something that becomes automatic if repeated often enough. New thinking is a great effort but that effort gradually ceases as oft repeated, automatic thinking converts it into a habit. Your first effort Read more [...]

Source of Everything

  In the beginning was God, nothing else was, only God. So all that there is had to come from God, is of God. There was nothing with which God made everything from except Himself. So everything IS the expression of God. God expresses everything from Himself since He is the only source of everything . Everything IS GOD being expressed in different form.  This is the greatest TRUTH! This is what we need to remember (re-member). We knew this truth and deep inside we KNOW this truth. Read more [...]

The Power Of Your Own Divinity~Andromeda

We certainly do not wish for anyone to worship us as gods, nor to deify us, nor to even exemplify us, and we can certainly assure you, that Christ himself, would not wish this of you, all is a divine example of what you, inherently, contain within you.~Andromeda  May I post this on ashtar command crew, Andromeda? You have our complete permission, Andraste. Andromeda is present. Dear one, the creation of all that is, is. Now, what have we told you here. By this statement, Read more [...]