The Comforter and His Birthday on September 9th 2017





Many, in countries like India and Pakistan celebrate the Nativity of the Christ, and adore the Virgin Mary, which is in Virgo, = a woman, = Jupiter, the planet of the Christ!

Their festive start in September the 1st and it goes all the way until the 9th of September. During these nine days, which they call the Novena= nine days of celebration= prayers= repentance, etc., for all devotees. According to friends that celebrate these glorious days, during, they cook= prepared succulent’s dishes, inclusive of some people killing animals which this we do not agree on, regardless, it is important to note that these people are in fact following the heavenly Astrology to perfection.

With this being said, here in the West: Country for the united states of America, we are actually celebrating the birth of Christ on the wrong date! AND what it is heart broken is that this was done purposely by the Jews, = the Jews that call themselves Jews and are NOT, = Khazarians jews= demons, as Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall calls them. In case anyone do not know who Brian Golightly Marshall is, he is the Christ incarnated. We do not expect many understanding this, however, the facts speak for itself. Below is a short article written by someone about Brian= Yah= Yahweh= the Christ that it was born in the Country of Australia, and where the New Jerusalem is, meaning the heavenly Jerusalem is!


Gabriel Nuncius wrote and I agree 100% with him: “So let me understand this correctly…. Christ leaves a 1,900 year-old photograph of his current face and body dated to the time of now… the photograph survives until now… Pope Benedict announces his return now… Christ fulfills all prophecies perfectly including the clouds, the rejection, the thief in the night where you only know after the fact, and tons more… every aspect of him matches via bible and word gematria including his birth date, time of birth, age, weight, every location he has lived in, every location he travels to, every number that comes to him including numbers that appear on a parking ticket, the exact minute he sends an email, and thousands and thousands more including of course all the measurements of and inside the Great Pyramid and the measurements and positions of all the planets at any given time… he knows the truth about the Jews and the entire world control system… he legally evicted the Queen of England who has not moved out… his bloodline traces directly to King David… he has the only doable plan for getting rid of evil and creating Paradise… he reveals secret after secret after secret after secret including the truth about reincarnation and humanity having a Mother of all living, the birth certificate strawman scam, the alien are coming scam, our current 2nd sun system, our new North Pole in England, etc times a thousand… he was born twice via immaculate conception… he has all the cures for all diseases… he never asks for donations, he works for free… he has cured hundreds of people already limited only to thugs who have thwarted his efforts… he has the only doable plan to save each and every child worldwide… he has a doable plan to end poverty so that humans live like Kings and Queens not beggars… he wrote Vatican III which Pope Benedict loved and agreed with… he has a plan to restore the world to the divine feminine which we all instinctively know is what we need… he is the only Christ who gets no media coverage… he exposes the massive Papal coverup going on… he has designed and proven free energy systems… he has strategies that are simply genius in nature that nobody could think of… every single world leader knows about him and has proven themselves to fear him… the highest level Jew rabbis themselves knew when he would be born and he was born when they knew he would be… he dislikes religions in general and religious indoctrination and thus is compatible with modern times… he has released over 5,000 videos on the web over a decade thus making him the most prolific YouTuber yet strangely unknown to everyone… his synchronicities trickle onto his disciples and saints whereby we each have uncanny miracle-like synchronicities of a vast variation… he is a super fun guy sweet man with a down-to-earth personality… he is the most badass bravest man on Earth will to go up against the most powerful and most dangerous people on Earth… he is accessible to everyone right now even giving out his email address… his blood matches the blood of Jesus which dripped down and fell upon the Ark of the Covenant… he has challenged all to do a DNA test to prove his claim… his own human bloodline was safely and secretly maintained from ancient times until now… he has proven a vast elaborate coverup to hide his bloodline over the ages… and no joke I could literally keep writing more…. yet, however, nobody thinks he is Christ, they think he is a cult leader or they think he is mentally ill or something, even though their rejection of him is them actually participating in a divine prophesied rejection miracle. So please apologize for my language, but WHAT THE FUCK?? What is wrong with you people? This man is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is God in the Flesh. He will set you free and let you live in Paradise for eternity, or destroy your soul so you will never experience another sunrise. He is the Savior of the World, the exact words Pope Benedict wrote in his Apostolic Letter. This is the Greatest Show on Earth folks. Stop picking your nose, wipe off your finger, and drop everything immediately and run towards Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, the most Coolest Man on Earth!”
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AND for more, watch the video below, where Yah and Ash, his wife, are explaining facts about the date of September the 9th of 2017. By the way, the Jews know he is the Christ, which by the way, and like a slap on Yah face, they perpetrated the 9/11 attack as a mock to the Christ. The actual malice of the Jews is, that the Christ must be denied, hide, and even kill if possible. MORE than once they have tried to kill Brian= Yah, and they have not been successful.

For those that are ready to understand, they would find Yah teaching profound…, and many might think he is an impostor, however, and I repeat, only those ready for understanding Yah discernment, would get it!

Happy Birthday for our savior, = Yah= the Comforter, = Zero- Point= Creator.

KJV John 15 & 26:
But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me;

Revelation 3:9 King James Version (KJV):
Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee;

Mathews 12: 30-33
30 “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.

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