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Discover The Power Of Your Love

  I am honoured to be among you today and such a glorious day. Bright hearts, when you finally make the conscious choice to change your entire way of thinking and accepting the teachings of the many masters that have been working tirelessly and from the books and educational sources that are available, then your work to perfect yourself begins. This endeavour is by no means a simple task; it is performed with the full awareness of the presence of God, our Father of Creation. Read more [...]

Hail Mary

                                      Hail Mary Healing  Hail Mary, Full of Grace, The Lord is with Thee. O Sacred Heart of the Mother Flame, Hold the Immaculate Vision For us, the Sons and Daughters of God. Holy Mary, Queen of Angels, Hear our call for Wholeness. Pray for us now in our Victory, Our Perfection and Ascension fulfilled. Transmutation Hail Mary, Full of Grace, The Lord is with Thee.  O Sacred Heart of the Mother Flame,  Hold Read more [...]

Do not Leave me

I am sorry if I wonder within this chaotic world, but it is hard out here as you may already know. Father, I am trying but the challenges just keep coming over me. Where do these challenges are coming from? Do I need to face these opportunistic evil gods that abundantly exist in the invisible world? These lunatics beings have to go away from me! I have to bring them to dust. They cannot run my life, my future! Father, "I am just a log in the mud" please allow my Nuit mother Read more [...]