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Don’t Leave Home Without It

      Give Me an idea of what words you would most like to hear. More than like to hear, I mean what subject might be most meaningful to you to hear today? What are you most eager to hear? Perhaps you are ready to hear more about the truth of you even beyond the wondrousness I tell you that you are. It is easy for Me to go on expressing My joy in you, yet it may be that you are craving something more. Perhaps you want greater understanding, perhaps of the meaning of Read more [...]

Source of Everything

  In the beginning was God, nothing else was, only God. So all that there is had to come from God, is of God. There was nothing with which God made everything from except Himself. So everything IS the expression of God. God expresses everything from Himself since He is the only source of everything . Everything IS GOD being expressed in different form.  This is the greatest TRUTH! This is what we need to remember (re-member). We knew this truth and deep inside we KNOW this truth. Read more [...]

Our Atomic Star the Ain Soph Paranishpanna

Our Atomic Star The Paranishpanna A divine  Ray exists within each human being. That Ray wants to return back  into its own Star that has always smiled upon it. The Star that guides our interior is a super divine Atom from the Abstract Absolute Space.  The sacred name of that Atom is the Sacred Ain Soph. The Ain Soph is our atomic Star. This Star radiates within the Abstract Absolute Space full of glory, precisely in this order, Kether (our Father), Chockmah (the Son), and Binah (the Holy Read more [...]