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The Age Of Aquarius Fully Explained

  There are great cycles in the cosmos which rule great events. One such is the cycle of the Great Zodiac Ages which spans almost 26,000 years. This is the time it takes our planet's equatorial plane(due to its axial wobble) to regress one full cycle along the solar plane(ecliptic). Each zodiac age can last anywhere from 2000 to 2300 years. The Age of Pisces in which we live is one of the shortest ages, beginning in 26 AD and ending in 2012 AD -or a total of just over 1986 years. Read more [...]

My Star

Divine One, divine Star of the Inner highest worlds, I see you and you see me. My Star, how can I describe your beauty? All I know is that you are looking at me and I am just full of glory, of ecstasy at this moment. How much lucky can a "log in the mud" like me be? Divine One is an honor, is an honor that you chose to show yourself through my heart to me! My Star, my Star for ever be mine. For ever be divine. Forever remember me.   ~LFabre ~~~~~~ http://freeport1953.com/my-star/  Read more [...]