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Food Matters

Great movie for everyone to watch, and educate yourselves of the cunning practices of our societies, it's also good to note that although we are supposed to eat organic, lets not forget that what looks so fresh it might actually be genetically engineered! So we have to be very diligent on what's goes in our mouth. Gather as much information as possible, do your own research, but do not just sit there and ignore the subject, your health, and that of your family, and that of the planet matters. One Read more [...]

As I Look Behind

As I am standing in front of a very low, white wooden gate entrance on a narrow road, the thought that the gate look as if it was build for children, crossed my mind. I fix my eyes on the onyx ground, feeling the color sending me a welcoming message, and the peaceful atmosphere feels deep into my skin. I am thinking as well, where the narrow road would take me if I were to move one step forward. Doubtful, I am still standing in front of the gate until it occurs to me to look behind Read more [...]