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    Hod:   Hod is the Astral World, the Astral body. The Astral World is governed by the Moon. This is why astral projections become easier during the crescent moon and a little bit more arduous during the waning moon. The Astral Plane is really the Plane of Practical Magic. For example, in some of the tribes of the most profound jungles of the Amazon, the Piaches or Sorcerer-Priests give unto their people a special beverage in order to enter into the Astral Read more [...]

All About Evolution And Devolution

Presently, many philosophical doctrines based on the dogma of evolution are being taught in the Eastern as well as in the Western parts of the world. Evolution and devolution are mechanical forces that are simultaneously processed in all of Nature. Gnostic do not deny the reality of these  two forces; they explain them. It is necessary to know the origin of human being: where the human being come from, and the fundamental reason for its existence. It is necessary to investigate deeply, in a more Read more [...]