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2012 – the illusionary spark of physicality

  The changes taking place during 2012 are leading to a move in consciousness from physical to an emotionally led world. Rather than being driven by the wants of the flesh, the influences in your life will start to come from your feelings and the seeking of fulfilment of your emotional needs. Many have always kept their emotions hidden from others using false masks so they do not expose inner weaknesses and vulnerabilities, instead choosing to surround themselves with the Read more [...]

Cosmic Energy Transformation

As the higher vibrational cosmic energies are passed from the central sun and arrive via a portal inside our own sun, these spread out from the Sun’s heart chakra as a holographic energy bubble to its planetary family residing within the Solar System. The higher dimensional light codes charge and are absorbed by each of the Planets and the frequency vibrations are stepped down to benefit their individual inhabitants. As the energies pass through the heart chakra of each planet, they in Read more [...]

In the Beginning- Cosmogony

Polaris AB - the Blue Star, of Polaris the Guiding Light. Born of the Angel Isle - Alchemist of Thought, Crystal Master of Atla-Ra Sha-Na-Ra 3D Say - I want love. 4D Say - I love you. 5D Say - I am love. In the beginning, it was dark and very quiet. The Father had been dreaming and when he realized that he had been dreaming, he breathed out into the darkness. The Mother had also been dreaming and felt the breath on her face. She added her substance to the breath to create Read more [...]