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Johns Hopkins update on Cancer~ Wake up world

  finally all the dirty little secrets of the medical industry is coming to the light, as they know that all of them will be exposed for the wide world to see very, very. This is why before it happens their big fat pot of gold is starting to shake, so why not pretend that they care by saying, "Yes, some other alternatives have surfaced." Do not be naïve as what they meant to say was,  "we've been taking you for a fool for a long time, we took all your money, killed all your loved ones, and Read more [...]

Invocation from the I AM Presence within me

I invoke the I AM God presence within me…. May all negative attempts to control me or the world be returned with love magnified a thousand times a thousand fold. May all who seek to not control others be surrounded in Golden White Light Protection. May all warring energy be transmuted by the Violet Flame and may the flame grow ever brighter  a thousand times a thousand fold, for every infringement against humanity or mother nature. May I be surrounded with a bubble of protection against Read more [...]

All About our Cosmic Mother

  For this Mothers Day week, we are going to give you a lecture about Our Divine Mother, from one of our Instructors. It will cover two or three sections, so please keep tune, enjoy. Also keep tune to our lectures about The Tree of Life and its sephiroth; true  knowledge, that is ongoing. Our Cosmic Mother Greek Mythology tells us about many Gods and Goddesses. In the Gnostic tradition, we know that the Gods and Goddesses are symbolic, and represents forces and intelligences that Read more [...]