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The Law of Attraction-How & When it Works & Why it Doesn’t

  Dear Ones, you create your reality, and there is no other rule. You are here in the University of Duality, to learn how to responsibly create. Now, there are many text that speak about the concept of how a human being creates their perspective realities. We offer this caveat, it is not thought that on its own, is creative, rather it is BELIEF ....  belief expressed in thought in clear mind. So to clarify syntax, let us say that in the Law of Attraction, it is Read more [...]

We Are One

We are putting up some videos here for some people that are still in dream land. Do not get distracted by any negativity, and lets move forward with a new way of life, as the illusion is over! we are creating a new rainbow bridge on our earth Noosphere, which literally means, "mind sphere" or Earth mental sheath. This is a divine plan, and we are the ones responsible for creating it! Do your meditations, and prayers, and let's get this done, lets create our own paradise, our own heaven on earth! Terence Read more [...]

Universal Council of Light Message

  Dear Esophoria, you asked us the significance of the date 21st December 2012. This is the day when the new aeon will truly come into being, the day the solar king will enter Earth’s atmosphere within his vehicle of light that will merge with your reality and engulf your whole planet within that light and carry you, in his chariot of blazing fire, securely into the next age.   You know of this chariot of blazing fire and we have discussed this with you on many Read more [...]