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The Merkabah Ships of the Ashtar Command by Cmr Lady Athena

    BY COMMANDER LADY ATHENA AND THE ASHTAR COMMAND http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profile/CmdrLadyAthena Dear Commanders, You have asked information about our ships and which one you might be working upon? My answer may be more than you originally had in mind since we utilize neither space ships nor UFO's as you would be accustomed to thinking of them. The Ashtar Command will join with me now in describing the Light technology which governs our interactions Read more [...]

Galaxy And Planets

We hear so many stories about the universe, of which some are so vague,  our “scientists” should be send to take a hike far away from the face of this poor humanity that for so long has been misled by them. What we are saying here come from the Gods, the Masters, or anyone that is as well ready to go and see, or study the mysteries and wonders of the universe for himself or herself. Our Milky Way or the macrocosm has a Central Sun which name is Sirius. We are going to say that Sirius Read more [...]