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Claim your Powers~ the Celestial Team

  3/5/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team Ah, Beloveds! We greet you once more with frequencies of fervent, earnest desire to reach your hearts–   We are most excited to be greeting you through this transmission, as we always, always, are! Many of you have felt our trembling, “fizzy,” excitement before as you allowed our frequencies entry into your hearts. In your language, a description of our great excitement might be that after we join Read more [...]

Love Control

    The New World Order of the Universal Love that is hitting Planet Earth. The Universal Love order that is ruling the Government movement of our minds in the 3D. The scary tactics that are being held, to control the Awakened Starseeds and the Awakened Ones in the 3D. The Lightworkers who just don’t care anymore about leveling with those that have Awakened to understand there own Path, so that they can move forward with the Ascension process. The false Lightworkers who are using Read more [...]


We came to this Earth, this sphere or little blue planet to have a physical experience or should we say to go to school or university if you wiil, Source gave us the gift and choice to choose. He gave us FREE WILL. What we mean by this is that when we are ready to graduate we simply go back to HIM or you may also say the place we come from. It may take us thousands and thousands maybe millions of years to have infinity experiences, these experiences can be of the most happiness to the most horrible Read more [...]