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Thank You!

My divine living God, my God who are in secret, how do I thank you for the fact that you acknowledge I so wholeheartedly with such of divine blessings. I am crying my divine One, I am crying because a "Log in the mud" like me is look upon by you! Do you know what that means to me? I have such of high mountain to climb, so much challenges to meet each second of this lifetime, that just a speck of divine light from you sent upon me is so much welcome! Thank you my highest inner Read more [...]

Do not Leave me

I am sorry if I wonder within this chaotic world, but it is hard out here as you may already know. Father, I am trying but the challenges just keep coming over me. Where do these challenges are coming from? Do I need to face these opportunistic evil gods that abundantly exist in the invisible world? These lunatics beings have to go away from me! I have to bring them to dust. They cannot run my life, my future! Father, "I am just a log in the mud" please allow my Nuit mother Read more [...]