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With Child

Divine Mother, Divine Nuit, thank you so much for the education that you continually share with me when I need your help. I understand that you are with Child, and I understand that it is up to me the future of That Child. Mother of mine, I very much understand that, but please, please help me to overcome the challenges of this task as you well know mother of mine that it is not easy living in this contradicting sphere I am now. You are all the hope that I have, you have the power to turn Read more [...]

I Will Not Tell Anyone

    I Will Not Tell Anyone   Mother, what were you doing last night? And thank you so much for visiting me, For teaching me something every time I Have the honor of you coming to me You are so Wise, so powerful, and so divine, Are you aware of how much I adore you? I do not want to get ahead of myself here but You are amazingly entertaining. Mother, it was you last night, I know that it was you! You know we both know that, all right then lets Read more [...]

Do not Leave me

I am sorry if I wonder within this chaotic world, but it is hard out here as you may already know. Father, I am trying but the challenges just keep coming over me. Where do these challenges are coming from? Do I need to face theseĀ opportunistic evil gods that abundantly exist in the invisible world? These lunatics beings have to go away from me! I have to bring them to dust. They cannot run my life, my future! Father, "I am just a log in the mud" please allow my Nuit mother Read more [...]