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Dancing with the Sun

  I am lucky to live close to the ocean because as it is I am crazy about the water, the Earth, and the Sun! Every morning I do my morning walk, as well as welcoming the love of my life= the Sun. There are many people that like me do the same thing, and many times I have many interactions with these people. In fact most of the time they come up to me and introduce themselves. What I discovered is that these people are full of wisdom, kindness, compassion, love, and a willingness to Read more [...]

Let this be an example to all world leaders

    While most leader around this earth pocket all their country resources for themselves, and can not find any more cunning ways to steal the hard-working misery of salary that we, the people get for our slavery service, some are kind enough to give their fortune away!  Leaders of this world should take note, and follow the example of Jose Mujica of Uruguay, in South America, which for his kindness has earned the nickname, "el presidente mas pobre” (translation: “the poorest Read more [...]

Discover The Power Of Your Love

  I am honoured to be among you today and such a glorious day. Bright hearts, when you finally make the conscious choice to change your entire way of thinking and accepting the teachings of the many masters that have been working tirelessly and from the books and educational sources that are available, then your work to perfect yourself begins. This endeavour is by no means a simple task; it is performed with the full awareness of the presence of God, our Father of Creation. Read more [...]