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Lets Kick Ass

    Let not dilute ourselves people and come to the understanding that if the world is like it is now is because we allow it. We have to wake up to the power that we all are, that we all BE together or individually. Ask yourselves for a moment what went wrong here? Why we let ourselves get this far back into this mess! What the hell! Can we think, can we talk, can we get along, can we share, and can we stop the stupidity, blindness, blaming, and flaws among each other as if each continent Read more [...]

The Enlightened Master’s Gift In Honour Of Your Divinity

      We come now to simply share the simplest of messages, yet this message is of great importance and has the power to change your life within an instant if received and focused upon with your light, beloved. The nature of your life experience is so brief in our eyes, and yet so tangible to each one of you and at times, it is not a happiness we witness within you. Your happiness is your gift to others and to the Earth, and Gaia, the earth mother shines her light upon you Read more [...]

Must Go On

I remember a friend of mine telling me a long time ago "It is not the trip that counts, it's getting there." That has been for ever in my mind. Truly, it does makes a lot of sense, and I use that as an example in every thing that I do every day. Let us take such as, the task of moving from one place to another. We know that moving is one of the hardest tasks to do, and I do not like it at all. In fact I only moved a couple of times in my entire life, while most of my family and friends tends to Read more [...]