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Scientists Confirm Extraterestial genes in human DNA

Scientists confirm Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA Research findings continues work of DNA Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Francis Crick   by Peter Jiang and Jenny Li Artist representation of Semjase who Exo-scientists indicate is a Pleiadian woman. Reference: Billymeier.com. Collaborative research from a gathering of exo-scientists postulate that there are genes from over 20 extraterrestrials civilizations in Human DNA. These exo-scientists have continued the work Read more [...]

Christmas Message From God To All

My Dear Ones, I Am. In those simple words are all you are. May I share with you a story of love and hope. Once there was a baby born to a woman named Mary and a man named Joseph. In this time on Earth, there were many struggles & difficulties for the average human. Hope was lost for many and mere survival was their focus. Having food & shelter was sometimes the best one could hope for.   The vibration of Earth had been somewhat diminished. More than not, people lost their Read more [...]