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Break the Two Party Dictatorship

We need to get rid of what does not serve us, or does not serve the greatest good.  And that starts with cleaning up Washington with all its cover-ups, lies and self-interests. We need to join women like Abby Martin to get this job done, and one sense for all balance the feminine energy that for so long has been suppressed by the male heartless supremacy of greed. The time is now to make this happen so we can live in harmony and have a future for our younger generations. The new earth will Read more [...]

Our Galactic prayer Codex

Dear Lord, I Abide By the Galactic Codex “God of my Heart and my Comprehension, I lay upon Thy Holy Altar my commitment and vows to, from now on, abide by the Galactic Codex in every decision, will and action I undertake and to be a vessel of Light, Life, Love, Oneness and Harmony among my fellow beings.  I humbly petition to please receive on myself all protection from all Ascended Beings of Light working for the Plan the Masters Know and Serve who are helping us to bring to reality the New Read more [...]