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Keep Sheilding, Keep Clearing, 5D Is Not The End Of The Road

  Hello, Dear Friends. We, The Council,  come in unity on this day with a gentle reminder which we feel shall be of benefit to all.   Your family members of Star and Spirit have been observing your progress with a loving mixture of hope, excitement and awe.  You have achieved what so few may lay claim to, in the vast and illustrious annals of  our Universe’s history.  You are transforming yourselves while grounded within dense physicality, raising up your spirit Read more [...]

I Will Not Tell Anyone

    I Will Not Tell Anyone   Mother, what were you doing last night? And thank you so much for visiting me, For teaching me something every time I Have the honor of you coming to me You are so Wise, so powerful, and so divine, Are you aware of how much I adore you? I do not want to get ahead of myself here but You are amazingly entertaining. Mother, it was you last night, I know that it was you! You know we both know that, all right then lets Read more [...]