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It’s Go Time!~Pleaidian Message

  channeled this message from my star brother Peter, of the Pleiadian Ring of 500 on Sunday, April 1, 2012. Please share far and wide and reference freerspirit.com in case anyone has questions for the channel (Jen Freer) that can be directed to Peter for further insight. Thank you! Peace, love and light to all!   Greetings and hello to all our Earth being family members! This is Peter, once again, from the Pleidian Ring of 500, and my crew and I are orbiting your planet, Read more [...]

Wheel of life

The marked tendency to blame others is an obstruction, an obstacle to the understanding of our own mistakes. Unfortunately, it is an extremely difficult task to destroy within ourselves the tendency to blame others. In the name of truth, we would say that we are the only ones to blame for the diverse, unpleasant circumstances of life. The different pleasant or unpleasant events exist with us or without us and are constantly repeated mechanically. Based on his principle, no problem can have a final Read more [...]