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An Ocean of Thanks Giving

  Thank you Divine One, Divine Creator of “I Am”. Thank you for the love within my heart, and for the peace, and joy that abide with me always. Thank you for guiding my intuition to make a difference to who ever I can. Thank you for the bound through this beautiful body of Gaia, she is so magnificent, and so full of love and kindness. Thank you for helping my consciousness rise from ignorance, allowing my spirit to navigate to see the beauty of my body, and soul, and to share the Read more [...]

A Revolution of Consciousness

All is a revolution of consciousness, of course! People the time to rise, to unite, and move forward with the new energies is now. Changes are manifesting as we speak, and more, and more are coming. Just go with the flow, and do not complain or expect the government or any entity to come and rescue you from your experiences, although we all need to help each other in time of chaos, it is still our responsibility to go through what is happening in the Now, and the first thing you need to do is Read more [...]