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My Dear Gaia

  Yesterday was a day of hard work for us, as we are rearranging our home and these include painting, something that I do not like at all!  But like an old friend of mine always said, “You have to do what you have to do.” So here we are painting and moving things around, except that I was with Gaia in my mind all day, one because I haven’t been going to the park for the last few days as I usually do for my morning walks, nor have I been with my mind in order lately. What I mean Read more [...]

The Flight Of The Faires

  The Fairies and souls in human bodies have always worked closely with each other; fairies have been a part of the Earth’s evolution and ascension since its beginning. The fairies are akin to angelic beings, they are messengers of the Creator’s light. The fairies are also care takers of the nature kingdom and animal kingdom as well as acting as spiritual guides to some in human bodies. It is important not to underestimate the key role that the fairies have in the Ascension Read more [...]