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Unlock your lower energy vibrations

Bring to a higher level of "light frequency vibrations" your lower and dark energy level within you by practicing daily: kindness, compassion, and love, as well as not being judgemental. Do yourself a great favor and just BE, meaning that you are being one with All, that whether you like it or not you are part and parcel of everything that IS, as well as what ever is happening all around you. Do not resist, do not push yourself on being the first or last-just BE, and then move on with the flow. Once Read more [...]

Memorial Day

If I were to have had my young son or daughter killed in a place like the Middle East or anywhere else outside the United States in a war, I would be heart broken, and most certainly to blame as well for his, or her death. But regardless, we are all guilty of our young people death in the “line of duty” as they commonly say, which is one of the heaviest lie in the entire universe. Heaviest because it is carried out on wars, crimes, and corruptions on human, as well as all living creatures, and Read more [...]