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Anchoring LOVE and allowing the Heart to open

  The new energies are now being anchored across the planet and many are now feeling the effects of these energies. Feeling like you could cry but cannot figure out why? moved to extremes of anger? feel intense rage yet cannot understand why? all of these scenarios are your emotions literally crying out to be acknowledged.   Many are under the belief that the new was to be a time of greater light and greater promise and this is here now. "but I cant see or feel Read more [...]

Lightbody Activation and the Ascension Process

  A lightbody, or homo luminous, is simply an overlay of higher dimensional energy that anchors into our physical self when we are of sufficient frequency to sustain the connection. This etheric matrix raises our vibration to match that of source, and the occurring earth changes. Giving the physical 3D body connection points into the multidimensions template which will be our new reality, the lightbody is our energetic fascial support system. Fascia is the continuum that communicates Read more [...]

From the Sacred Divine Core of Essence of Andromeda

Dearest earth humans, We have a very important message for you at this special and outstanding time in your experience of your earth’s evolution and ascension process. Today we can confirm that Gaia is indeed on her way to the fourth dimension, and this is happening to her very body! Wondrous things are occurring on your world, but many of you are not aware of it. If so,  you are holding firmly onto your 3dimensional perception. But in reality Gaia is now shifting and moving - slowly Read more [...]