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A Revolution of Consciousness

All is a revolution of consciousness, of course! People the time to rise, to unite, and move forward with the new energies is now. Changes are manifesting as we speak, and more, and more are coming. Just go with the flow, and do not complain or expect the government or any entity to come and rescue you from your experiences, although we all need to help each other in time of chaos, it is still our responsibility to go through what is happening in the Now, and the first thing you need to do is Read more [...]

Our Atomic Star the Ain Soph Paranishpanna

Our Atomic Star The Paranishpanna A divine  Ray exists within each human being. That Ray wants to return back  into its own Star that has always smiled upon it. The Star that guides our interior is a super divine Atom from the Abstract Absolute Space.  The sacred name of that Atom is the Sacred Ain Soph. The Ain Soph is our atomic Star. This Star radiates within the Abstract Absolute Space full of glory, precisely in this order, Kether (our Father), Chockmah (the Son), and Binah (the Holy Read more [...]