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News You Will Not Learn From Mass Media

  Master S.Germain My dear ones. Today's message contains more news than the media can deliver. We want you to be well informed. First, cesium is in the food being grown on the west coast of the United States. Most of the farmers are not aware of this. What is eaten in CA, Oregon and coast areas up into Canada is without question not good for health. Can you go to another area to live? If so, go. Those who cannot leave their area need constant checks for radiation. What Read more [...]

Surrender~ AA Uriel

  Surrender.  This could possibly be the singlemost challenging thing you are asked to do, dear friends.  The act of surrender requires that you place your trust wholly in another, and this goes powerfully against the grain of  all of the previous conditioning you’ve received while playing the role of the third-dimensional human.  From the moment you drew your first breath and the troublesome veil of forgetfulness descended, so you have been taught;  to be the captain of Read more [...]