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My Star

Divine One, divine Star of the Inner highest worlds, I see you, and you see me. My Star, how can I describe your beauty? All I know is that you are looking at me and I am just full of glory, of ecstasy at this moment. How much lucky can a "log in the mud" like me be? Divine One, is an honor, is an honor that you chose to show yourself through my heart to me! My Star, my Star for ever be mine. For ever be divine. Forever remember me. ~LFabre http://freeport1953.com/my-star/  Read more [...]

I Miss You

  I Miss You. My divine One where have you gone? I miss you terribly, I miss you deeply. My heart is lost without you. I do not know how to live without you! My divine One, my Master, my Star, you that are in secret within my heart, do not abandon me! Do not forget me. Do not leave me in this lake of mud where I am now. My divine Christ, divine energy of mine. Divine energy of the cosmos have mercy on me, and on this humanity. I miss you divine Sun. I miss you chasing Read more [...]

Divine Surprise

The burning ecstasy within my heart woke me up. I could not contain myself, or should I say, that what is happening to me is too much for my physical body to handle. So I stood motionless, motionless as  "What to do God?" Then, then as an opportunistic, a God of sweet splendid rays of fire, appeared in front of me! He is a shinning golden, grandiose, and friendly heavenly man made of fire that have touched my inner heavenly waters. That have touched my inner heavenly fire. That have opened Read more [...]