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Peru Passes Monumental Ten Year Ban on Genetically Engineered Foods

  While we in the United States are still in dream land when come to know what goes into our body, other countries take that very seriously, even if kicking out the presence of the United States oligarchs is all it takes. Great for you Peruvian for standing out for your rights! This also apply to any country that wants to kick them ass out, especially in Bolivia, that to our amazement kicked out even the Coca Cola Company, or should we say the Coca Cola Monsanto. This is great news, and Read more [...]

We Are One

We are putting up some videos here for some people that are still in dream land. Do not get distracted by any negativity, and lets move forward with a new way of life, as the illusion is over! we are creating a new rainbow bridge on our earth Noosphere, which literally means, "mind sphere" or Earth mental sheath. This is a divine plan, and we are the ones responsible for creating it! Do your meditations, and prayers, and let's get this done, lets create our own paradise, our own heaven on earth! Terence Read more [...]