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Call For Protection

  Calls for Protection Beloved Mighty I AM Presence! Your Authority is in Action in my world! Beloved Mighty I AM Presence and Beloved Archangel Michael! You and your Legions of Angels stand within my world right now! Release the Blue Lightning of Ten Thousand Suns right now! Sweep into all astral and psychic opposition and human conditions in my world and annihilate them right now! Mighty I AM Presence! Beloved Jesus, Beloved Archangel Michael and Beloved Archeia Faith: Take Read more [...]

The Absolute, Part 2

We  said previously that the Absolute has tree aspects and those are: The AIN, THE AIN SOPH, and the AIN SOPH AUR. The AIN  is far beyond Gods and human being; it is beyond Time, Number, Measurement, and Weight. It is beyond Casualty, Form, Fire, Light and Darkness. Nonetheless the AIN is the Fire and the Uncreated Light. We now continue with the second aspect which is the AIN SOPH. All creation emanates from the AIN SOPH, but creation, in essence and in potency, is not equal to the AIN Read more [...]

The Absolute

The Absolute The Absolute  is the Being of all Beings. The Absolute is that which Is, which always has Been, and which always will Be. The Absolute is expressed as Absolute Abstract Movement and Repose. The Absolute is the cause of Spirit and of Matter but it is neither Spirit nor Matter. The absolute is beyond the mind. The mind cannot understand It, therefore, we have to intuitively understand Its nature. The  Absolute is beyond conditioned life. It is beyond that which is relative. Read more [...]