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Love’s Simple Truths: Rumi’s Path of the Heart

Wherever and whenever people meet, it is never long before love and relationships - their problems and confusions, their bliss and beauty - is discussed. Love is as essential to us as air; a force that drives us all. Love determines who we are, who we become, what we can achieve and, through this, how the world will evolve. It may even determine how long we live. Policy advisors to government now claim that the single strongest predictor of whether an individual will be alive Read more [...]

Living Life in Thanksgiving

Gratitude is an attitude that can profoundly change your consciousness. When you live your life in thanksgiving, it can affect your being at a biological level, training your mind and body to live in a higher state of health and wellbeing. The creation of new attitudes of thanksgiving in your life attract new streams of light-filled energy to bless all that is honored in this way. When a blessing of thanksgiving is made in any moment, it confers light-filled Divine energy upon the person who sends Read more [...]