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Lets Kick Ass

    Let not dilute ourselves people and come to the understanding that if the world is like it is now is because we allow it. We have to wake up to the power that we all are, that we all BE together or individually. Ask yourselves for a moment what went wrong here? Why we let ourselves get this far back into this mess! What the hell! Can we think, can we talk, can we get along, can we share, and can we stop the stupidity, blindness, blaming, and flaws among each other as if each continent Read more [...]

Perspective On Disclosure

  I am Declan, a Pleiadian and an Ambassador of Peace with the Galactic Federation of Light.  I am your treasured Brethren, AuroRa, though you have temporarily forgotten me!  At this time,  I function as one of many who operate as cultural liasons, if you will, at this time when we seek to make our presence known to you, in the not-so-distant days to come.   Ours are Light Teams, arriving as scouts with the intention of studying and assessing your changing social climate.  Read more [...]