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Update From Gaia~ How Things Are Going

    Thank You to Mogaly for this Information Hello my wonderful lightworkers! How have you all been doing? I have been doing utterly fantastic, thank you. For the first time in eons, I can actually carry myself as one entity in the higher vibrations. Before, for a very long time, I was unable to collect myself due to illness. I'll get into the details a bit later.   Today, if you want to call this moment that, is a wonderful day. I say this because energetically, Read more [...]

Claim your Powers~ the Celestial Team

  3/5/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team Ah, Beloveds! We greet you once more with frequencies of fervent, earnest desire to reach your hearts–   We are most excited to be greeting you through this transmission, as we always, always, are! Many of you have felt our trembling, “fizzy,” excitement before as you allowed our frequencies entry into your hearts. In your language, a description of our great excitement might be that after we join Read more [...]

Cosmic Energy Transformation

As the higher vibrational cosmic energies are passed from the central sun and arrive via a portal inside our own sun, these spread out from the Sun’s heart chakra as a holographic energy bubble to its planetary family residing within the Solar System. The higher dimensional light codes charge and are absorbed by each of the Planets and the frequency vibrations are stepped down to benefit their individual inhabitants. As the energies pass through the heart chakra of each planet, they in Read more [...]