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      Geburah: Geburah is severity, the Law, Buddhi, the Spiritual Soul, the Valkyrie that was spoken of by that illustrious Spanish writer, Mr. Mario Roso de Luna; and Geburah is also the beautiful Helen, etc. Geburah, Buddhi, has exclusively been considered Martin. This is a mistake, because in the world of the Spiritual Soul, who is feminine, we find the Lion of the Law that is Solar.  Thus, we find the severity of nobleness of the lion. Therefore, the Read more [...]


  Kether: Indeed, each one of us has in the depths of our Consciousness a Venerable Elder.  This is the First Logos.   Kabbalist denominated Him Kether. The Ancient of  Days is androgynous, meaning man and woman at the same time. Kether is the first and last synthesis of our Being. The Elder of Days is the first terribly divine emanation of the Abstract Absolute Space. The Ancient of Days is original in each human being.  He is the Father; therefore, there are as many Fathers Read more [...]