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Are We So Stupid To Let This Go On?

  The tyrannies of our government have to end now. Are we so much in denial to change our way of thinking that the obvious is blindness?  Are we so robotic that our mental ability is unable to see what has taken place for far too long, and what is taking place now? Or are we enlightened ones that no longer will put up with the bullshit of our system? Yes we are awakening to the truth and to our highest potential, yes, we will not obey the rules of a system that only aim is to serve Self. Read more [...]

Expose the Cover Up of Our Pathetic Media

This is for many people out there that are still in dream land thinking that CNN, and any other media is telling them the truth about what they hear, and what are being showing on television. In truth, it is all propaganda so you keep yourself entertained, and stupid of what is really taking place in the world. This propaganda Game has been going on for fifty years now, isn’t it enough of it already? Aren’t you having any reaction to this? Are you going to let this go on any longer? Are you aware Read more [...]

Expose These Thugs

Watch this video so you can see how we expose these thugs that are still thinking in representing our people. Expose them so everyone wakes up from their manipulation, deceits, and bullshit that needs to end, starting from terrorism, wars, and freedom scams all around the world. Poisoning our food is the lowest anyone can go. Screw them! We need people in Washington that follow the ethics of politics, and Constitution law, not regulations that are only for their own interests. Rebuilding Washington Read more [...]