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We Are All One

We are beings that have your best interests in mind at all times, and we do not wish any harm to come to any of you at any time. This is what we are. We are your families and we are your friends from the higher realms. It is we that are your guides and it is we that are your Angels. It is we that craft certain situations to bring about results that you expressed you wished to achieve before your current incarnations. We are not strangers to any of you. We are not ‘visitors’ Read more [...]

Call For Protection

  Calls for Protection Beloved Mighty I AM Presence! Your Authority is in Action in my world! Beloved Mighty I AM Presence and Beloved Archangel Michael! You and your Legions of Angels stand within my world right now! Release the Blue Lightning of Ten Thousand Suns right now! Sweep into all astral and psychic opposition and human conditions in my world and annihilate them right now! Mighty I AM Presence! Beloved Jesus, Beloved Archangel Michael and Beloved Archeia Faith: Take Read more [...]

My Daily Invocation

My daily dialogue begins with this simple invocation. I feel connected, grounded and ready to start my day. It's a work in progress, as I evolve my invocation evolves. I view it as a "good morning to the cosmos" statement, and it seems to signal my intentions and readiness to recieve and begin work on my path. Usually, before I'm even finished with this invocation, I begin to hear messages from my Angels and Guides. I Love these conversations and am truly grateful for all the Divine assistance Read more [...]