New Cannibalism? The Real Story Behind Blood Donations

B7E04742-1458-4B04-8A36-CDE4FE475CCB_1_201_aHeart breaking. It is beyond embarrassment that our people have to sell their own blood to survive! And it is more than a capital crime that top intellectual whores take advantage of the situation so they can enrich themselves, and at the same time creating diseases that the only cure is depending on this plasma so they can sell it on the market.

The medical industry work in unison with all criminals that are exploiting our humanity. Working with those that aims are killing our people all ways, always. That is the mission of the medical field in a nut shell. These are the facts.

We have lost our moral values. We have lost our way. We have no respect for nature.

How can we stand up and face these criminals; these atrocities. And how can we recuperate ourselves from our own weakness, our own choices, our own cowardliness, and our own evil desires, and greed.

Perhaps we should pray to our creator clean us from our evil deeds, and ask for mercy for us ALL. Maybe we should STOP giving blood at once, and instead start treating our immune system with respect by boosting it with the vital nutrients, and by living within a clean environment that would not harm us as 5G towers, and all medias alike that are misleading us purposely, etc. etc.

Maybe we should start taking responsibility for our own actions.

Maybe we should seriously give love a chance.

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