Lucifer Exposed September 23rd

The Lord Jesus Christ Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall announced by Pope Benedict XVI on March 12th 2013, the day before the conclave elected the Antichrist Pope Francis who has rejected the news and evidence that Benedict gave him of the return of the Christ.

Benedict wrote an Apostolic Letter released on March 26th 2013. The public announcement by Benedict was recorded and to be aired on RAI TV March 30th 2013, Francis stopped it and then in the early morning hours of April 3rd 2013 the Papal staff of Benedict, the sister Maria Della Rosa were kidnapped by men working for Francis and so too Monsignor Giovanni Rossini in Toronto Canada who helped to upload the Apostolic Letter called “In Christum Credunt”.

It was reported that Father Giuseppe had been gunned down by men working for Francis on April 13th 2013 in Cassibile Sicily, Monsignor Rossini is feared dead. Francis the Antichrist the man who is the opponent of the Christ and has denied that Christ has come in the flesh once again as he promised, re-born to the earth on January 11th 1944, at 2:22am into Sydney Australia which is Ephraim the younger son of Joseph England and means Bethlehem, the re-birth date of the Christ into a world devoured by religion arguing over who said what when rather than doing what Jesus did.

Take up your cross and follow me, He stood up to the enemy of all mankind the Jews who call themselves Jews and are not, the ones who crucified him and the same evil one John 8:44 have been in control of the Temple, the Earth, since the cross.

The Altar to the Lord in the midst of Egypt is the Great Pyramid, it is his memorial to himself and has his name, rebirth date and location all over it. The world devoured by insanity rejects the Christ, the Capstone too large to fit, the Pyramid hijacked by the Satanic cults that control this world at the very top of the heap is the Jesuit itself a Jew front practices of the Talmud, the abomination that makes desolate.

Ignatius Loyola a Jew and the the Jews have their man, the mule Francis too stupid to understand the mind of God, the man who feigns humility the man who says peace, peace, while in his heart there is no peace but murder, arrogance, does what he does best, kidnapping and murdering those who oppose him and the masses love him, fawning over the impious embodiment of Lucifer, while the Christ who brings healing to the people is rejected. Such is the world today devoured by cults all the propaganda of the Jews who call themselves Jews and are not.

The worst offenders are the Western Christian nations who support the usurper Israel run by the dogs of war. Beheading is Talmud, and Judaism is as far removed from the Christ as the east is from the west.

~Andy Sunderland

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The Original Lord Prayer= Very Powerful:

Our Father

Who Art

In Heaven

Hallow Be

Thy Name

Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Will

Be Done

On Earth

As It Is

In Heaven

Give Us

This Day

Our Daily Bread And

Forgive Us

Our Debts

As We Forgive

Our Debtors

Our Trespasses

Lead Us

[Not] In Temptation

And Deliver Us

From Evil

A Men
~Lord Jesus

Most people like to use the word, “Amen” at all times, even when praying. Little do they know that they are calling the Devil himself when they are affirming that word! Look at the words Amen, and A Men. The fact is that A Men is the Devil that disguise as many Men= A Man. Again, A Men= A Man, the Devil that disguise as many Men= A Men.

Jesus clearly said, “And deliver Us from Evil, A Men.” ~ – = For Many Men= A Man= A Men.

Never affirm: say that word unless you are saying the Lord Prayer!
FURTHER, never Bless anyone! The word “Bless you, or God bless you” actually means a “curse.” Actually it means, Be less in you, or God be less in you, or let the god force be less in you, or let your blood be less in you (the blood carries life within our body), or be dead, or die= curse.

Instead use words as “much love; the force of love be with you; be love; I love you; be the light; for ever love…, etc.

We the people do not consent being curse any longer with our ignorance that it is being left behind.

We are the power that Be!

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~ we the people


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