We came to earth, this sphere, or little blue planet for having physical experiences, or should we say going to school or universities if you will. Creator gave us the gift for experiencing itself through us within this physical dimension for what ever reason he may have had until the end time for this round of creation.

It may take us thousands and thousands, maybe millions of years to have infinity experiences, but at the end all must cease and desist. At the end we all must return to where we came from, and that is the endlessly Conscious Ocean Sky of Nothingness, yet it is where all exists. It is where only the illusion of what it is, what it was, and will be, exists only in the Creator’s Mind.

Our Creator’s mind is pure love, however he does have an antithesis that is pure evil. Both forces are just as powerful, thus the battle for good, and thus the battle for evil. However, for avoiding chaos, Creator creates worlds, entities,+ and gods for specific mission that keeps order and balance within the Nothingness Mind. And thus the beginning,+ and thus the end for rounds of creations. And thus the responsibility for the knowing for good, and thus the responsibility for the knowing for evil.

Right now earth is going through many changes due the fact that earth has been vibrating on a low frequency, and this is why we are all like zombies that have lost the way. That have lost the way back home to our own original star. We humanity, unfortunately caused this. In another way, our actions against each other and the entire creation has been very egotistical; very evil and thus we lost balance. We forgot keeping nature’s balance; we forgot restoration and thus our own downfall. And when we say restoration we refers to our own internal restoration. If internal restoration,= within us is [constantly] on check, then restoration it would automatically manifest on the outside world. Meaning we would reflect care, honor, respect, and harmony for the greatest good.= For ALL the creation.

Before we can all understand this, we first must recognized that all is energy,= energy is within its own right at the same time conscious of itself. Energy is determent by the elements like water, the air, ether, fire,+ and the earth with its essential minerals. Without these essential minerals, spirit could never experience life within the physical realm that is through our very own physical body. And this includes as well the body of animals, vegetables, and trees.

This human race have been using the elements for causing harm instead using them for empowering ourselves, thus the time has come for us all shifting consciousness to a higher level. We must stop whoring what it is so vital for our own survival. It is vital that we re-member love, the force that unites all as One force. The force that keeps nature’s balance; nature’s restoration. Without keeping nature’s balance and restoration on check, all life would perish. The time has come for us all taking upon the responsibility for maintaining at all capacity the restoration for the most important vehicle ever created,= our very own magnificent body that host our mighty God.

For raising your vibration and or keeping it always in balance, do pray or meditate (choose the kind of meditation that would suits you best). Further, take daily walks off the fresh air, for example, go to the park, the lake, the ocean (go bare foot for more absorption). Do sun gazing specially in the morning and evenings! And important as well, is taking at least ten to twenty minutes of sun light daily for your own consumption of vitamin D!  Only the Sun God provides the [vital] vitamin D+ and all other D vitamins that derives from. And during the Summer time wear clothes that are light, cotton if possible. In another way, expose your body to the sun as much as possible, like by wearing shorts, etc., etc. Further, drink at least half gallon water daily,= spring water is the best. Water is vital for our body functioning at all capacity. Water as well helps us keeping the ideal weight.

And stay away from television, the sound waves from television absorb all our Central Energetic Gravitational Station that is around our umbilical cord; and so does the radio! Eat light food, if possible avoid all meats and cut down on sugar,+ and bad carbs as commercial bread, beverages, and sweets,+ and oils. In fact, do not use any oils for cooking, or any butter at all, if possible. Be very, very careful about oils and butter. We say this because the food we eat for a fact is converted in oil or Cells Salts for our body through the process of Biochemistry by our own cells, thus we need not load our body with heated dangerous oils that lost all nutrients. Regardless, oils consumption should be very limited due the fact as well that the cells will dump it as useless and thus body weight. If you have to use butter, use one that is organic and 100/% cow milk= nothing added. Keep in mind that butter although very good, is actually all empty calories. We are not saying we cannot use butter and oils. No. What we are saying is that we should limit the amount of this stuff, and or use in small amount. That is all that we are saying.

And avoid salt as much as possible. The salts we are looking to ingest, are the ones we can find: are already within the organic food we normally eat. These salts and or minerals salts are the ones that are prepared by Nature within Nature’s laboratories, found within the food that are suitable for us to eat/digest+ and for survival of the species. Table salts, although need it for the body, is never ever digested by the body. In fact, table salt carry water through out our body where the body do not need it. Dangerous!  Further, learn how to bake your own bread from organic wheat that it is not bleached flour! And about eating out, remember that everything is loaded with bad oils and bad butter+ and loaded with salt! These oils ultimately bring acidity+ unhealthy body fat and thus then the diseases arrives. Keeping our body in the acidic state has been the goal of the corporal pharmaceutical industry+ the so call doctors and nurses by whatever means, prescribing dangerous medications, vaccinations, and along with the poisonings of our food supply with dangerous chemicals by the corporal whores. Do not depend on these criminals for your ultimate nutrition, your health, and that of your own family.

And unless you are in an emergency as that of an accident, etc., do not visit a doctor even if you have the best medical insurance. Your health is your own responsibility, not that of criminals. Use discernment, and do not get ever intimidated by them doctors wearing a white coat as if they are our savior; they are not. Their aim is making you dependent on them for life with harmful medications, or kill you sooner than later. These are the facts. And if the guys in white coat want to survive within theirs suppose prestige medical careers, they better/must start treating theirs patients with homeopathic medicines. ONLY nature’s minerals heals the body. Only natures minerals Cells Salts keeps our body in harmony= healthy, and if our body is healthy then we are vibrating at the ultimate needed frequency.

Eat lots of fruits,= make fruits salad, also make vegetables greens salad; and include cabbage for your vitamin K= shred very thin and eat raw with rice and beans, and or if you like, lightly cook,+ and season it to your liking. Bok Choy is the bomb!= loaded with almost all essential minerals. All kind of rice is good. All kind of beans is good inclusive of green peas+ and lima beans! And have you tried buckwheat?= super food! You can even eat buckwheat as breakfast cereal with milk, fruits, cottage cheese, or yogurts! And learn how to make corn tortillas from yellow, and or white corn. Just add lime and BOOM! you have all the essential Amino Acids by eating at least four tortillas a day with some cheese, and or with black beans paste and or beans hummus/refried beans that you can easily make as well with any kind of beans. And for a sweet snack, just warm a corn tortilla, put then some honey+ and mustard, and THERE YOU HAVE IT. Children love this!  Eat tomatoes, avocados, carrots, potatoes; and have you tried coconut water? Coconut water have many essential minerals for our body ultimate health. And besides the coconut water, use the coconut’s white stuff  to put in smoothies along with fresh fruits!

And learn how to cook all kinds of beans as we said, that are essential for your daily B’s vitamins=+ and proteins. Further, instead of meat you might want to try organic soy beans products that have no sugar or natural flavors added, like tofu that you can eat instead of meat. Find the way to cook this stuff, and eat it often. All kinds of cooked mushrooms are as well alternative for meat! AND you might want to make fresh fruits smoothies with an added tablespoon of goat milk powder + one teaspoon of wheat germ+ one teaspoon of hemp seeds+ a piece of fresh coconut! Basic fruits for smoothies are strawberries, pineapple, seedless grapes, blueberries, mangoes, sour sop, etc. And have you tried vegetables juice?  Watercress, carrots, and spinach are the Bomb.

Hemp milk is great,= make it yourself at home from hemp seed! And good as well is organic cow milk. One glass a day of whole/low fact cow milk will do you good for an entire day!  These include as well whole/low fact organic cheeses, sour cream, cheese spread, and yogurts, all made with nothing added. You can find these at specialty stores as Whole Foods, and or neighborhood stores that sells these from other countries as from Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, etc.

Whole organic milk and all whole organic milk products are loaded with vitamin A, calcium, Vitamin D, B vitamins,+ and fatty acids= brain food. And it is critical that young children drink whole cow milk for theirs earlier developments,+ for them doing good in school! For this we should treat our cows with respect and so theirs calves. The cows are sacred animals giving to us by our creator for thriving. They must be honor, and so should be their babies until they all die of old age. And these includes as well all animals we drink milk from like goats and sheep. Sheep’s milk+ its cheeses and yogurts= nothing added, are loaded, more than cow milk with Calcium/potassium, magnesium+ and protein, etc. Both sheep and goat milk are easy to the stomach= are not acidic. Even if you were to take two ounce of goat milk in your tea each day, would do you good for the day. Remember that lack of these essential minerals, even if it is just one missing in your daily nutrition, would cause virulence, and or poisonous diseases, and or us getting with bad mood= violent temper/attitude. And quote, “The lamb that taketh away the sin of the world.” The word SIN means WITHOUT= down= in hell. Hell also means Down. Meaning our body is running low or does not have the sufficient vital materials for ultimate functioning and thus our body is down under; in hell, and or with virulence/ disease(s).= disconnect. Disconnected from Source. Source means that entity that ultimately gives us the energy= light= food= knowledge for us to thrive. In another way, that entity is responsible and or our cells within our body depends on this entity’s power/ light food in order for them to survive just as we do! However, if there it is not that connecting link to source, as are the twelve essential minerals that connect us to it,  our cells ultimately would die! And if our cells die, so do we. Our body is an accumulation of cells, did you know this? No wonder our galaxy is call the Milky Way? Striking we must say. And we wonder who SOURCE IS?

Further, do not drink any milk that has Natural Flavor added= Aspartame! Aspartame cause nerve system disorder, brought for us by the same criminals that discourage us from drinking cow milk, by giving milk a bad reputation and or basically altering milk in all forms inclusive of giving our cows dangerous hormones that would disrupt their body function and ours when we drink their milk. Evil!! Read the label on whatever the milk you buy as most plant milk for example are full of thickening agents that as well are not healthy for us either, nor are they with essential vitamins. And be very, very aware of all VEGAN products, they are made from unhealthy stuff, mostly burned oils+ and GMO products. Vegan products are the genius idea of fuckwit Bill Gate and affiliate’s corporal whores that want to sell us junk. Be Not deceive, we are all vegetarians/vegans, do the facts that vegetables, legumes+ and fruits always have been there since the creation for us thriving. Vegan does not exclude milk+ and milk products. Vegan simply means these people do not eat bloody flesh. And have you noticed? All the animals we drink milk from are ALL vegetarians. Is it not?  The issue with eating bloody flesh; any bloody flesh, is that the human cells hate working with materials they were not meant working with. Bloody flesh from other species bring them for sure, death. Bloody flesh bring acidic results to the river blood even with the nutrition it may carry and thus fear makes its grand entrance.  Would you navigate waters that are cloudy and full of poisonous materials? Maybe when God warns us of eating all the fruits of the garden, except one. The ONE that comes from the tree that knows about the Knowledge of GOOD and EVIL. Well, the tree is in reference to our body, which is also call the tree of life. So, it is accurate to affirm that we ALL should know the difference between good and between evil. Between what would serve us for our greatest physical and spiritual empowerment Or what would destroy us physically and spiritually= death. And we must point out that drinking human blood and or eating human flesh is and or infusing the blood of another human being to another, is an abomination to our Creator. Not even God Satan would agree off such thing.

And further, stay away from gluten free products. When the gluten is taking away from a product, what is left is garbage that would cause acidity within our body. Gluten is the stuff that would avoid that, by sweetening it and making it perfect for us to digest. Common sense, is it not?  Read label! And do not let us get started with liquors and caffeine. Blood poisoning at your own risks unless these stuff are taking for medicinal purposes temporarily.  And by the way, drinking wine/liquor is not biblical as some might argue it is. That has been perverted. Actually, converting water into wine is in reference within the Bible to the blood within our body that is the ocean/ sea/ currency/ circulation/ river bed; river of life and or the life of the flesh that carries not only nutrients to every cells, but air as well. Air and or oxygen that is carry within the blood by corpuscles for us to exists. For Spirit to create life.

Corpuscles are in fact cells/ living creatures/water- air creatures; salt water habitant, really; a human fish that is/are in constant connection with all other parts of our body’s own cells inclusive our earth’s stratosphere where we get knowledge from through the cerebrum. Do you want to put in harms way yours corpuscles with intoxication as liquor, and drugs such as medications/ vaccinations that are harmful for your body? Would you knowingly give these to your newborn baby? Your blood is your life! In fact these corpuscles or SEA MEN/seamen/semen have a seal of a numerical count! Which by the way, never ever donate your blood to anyone, and or any blood bank! Do not fall for the scheme of donating blood, and or having all those blood tests call upon by your criminals= evil agents call doctors.  The demons use your blood for something else that is Not what they tell you is going be use for! Enough said. And we better do not mention sexual immorality because not many are the ones that are ready for knowing truth. For now keep in mind that the sexual act has been perverted and this is the main reason beside the poisoning of the food we ingest,+ and harmful medications that never heals the body; that we are dying. We are actually walking corpses. The word corpse come from the word corpuscles, and so does the word corporation. It was Jesus that said, “Let the dead bury theirs dead.” What he meant was, we LOST all the materials that gives us the vital energy that would empower us and thus we are as walking dead.= our corpuscles are dying; are dead; no materials for spirit to work with and thus bring life moving forward. It also means we are vibrating in a very low frequency.= we are hardly making it; we are struggling for life. The lost of our sea men/semen through the perverted sexual act is as well contributing to our own demise. It is written within the book of wisdom, that sex is only be use for our very own spiritual empowerment between a man and a woman,+ and for the continuation of the species. Divine are those that know the wisdom and have the courage of never ever waste their sacred wine. Our cerebral cells and or all cells from our body must be supply with the proper mineral food so we do not fall down to SIN. Down to Hell, if you will.

Keep in mind that the workers from our body/SPIRIT cannot delivered us, and or work for our own behalf if they are not supply with the “twelve apostles” as it is written.= the twelve cells salts and or materials, and or minerals needed for the gods to work on keeping our body and spirit regenerating our own body every day. If one of these materials is short, immediately we suffer the consequences because we robbed them; and thus they will rob us as well of having health that in truth is equal to wealth. Basically, if the gods do have all the materials for them to work on a daily needs, we need NOT worry about us having met personally our own daily needs, and or material possessions, as they, the gods, and or spirit would take care of these automatically. “You not know that your body is the temple of the living God?” A  inharmonious body, and or inharmonious system within bring inharmonious actions without. Within means within our intestines. AND HERE WE ARE. We have serious responsibilities that must be master, and this start with the quality of the stuff that we ingest daily, is it not? This is not be taken lightly if we are live for ever,+ and governing ourselves.

Get in the habit cooking your own food that should be [ALL] from natural organic ingredients. But important as well, ask yours highest Self or your God essence within you, guide you through these changing times all ways, always, and as well guiding you having a balance nutritious diet for your own empowerment. And for ultimate protection learn how to work with the sacred elements of fire! For example, each day offer a small white candle (tin ones= let all burn completely) to your creator, making your intention for that day be/ having a great day; protection for you and your family, your community, and your country. Use matches when lit the candle, and do not blow the match away, instead set it on a small dish that you would keep by your candle’s station and or altar so it would burn away.  The elements of fire creates magic! Some people after they lit the candle, and holding the lit match, do a round circle with it= they do an entire turn on themselves holding the lit match, and then after they set the match on the dish. In another way, they are creating a wall of fire around them for protection. Keep in mind as well that the elements of fire clean the atmosphere around us, and they keep away evil.

Do not be afraid as when we are consciously of the world within us, we meet all kinds of beings, even not so very friendly ones! Remember that your body is your property and you do not consent of anyone touching you or getting into your field without consent, especially demons; they are the most intruders! We must use discernment! These beings take advantages of us when we are most vulnerable, meaning when we do not have the materials to keep us protect it+ and complete within our body. These being are not from outer space as some might think. These beings/cells are within us, that either are there to protect us, or turn against us= they turn themselves evil because as we said, we robbed them from the materials they need for them to do their own job/work for their own survival that= our own survival as well. “On this rock I will build my church.” Said Jesus. What this means is that he is pointing to the mineral salt known as Calcium that is the main mineral foundation needed it for the body be created/build upon. Church is another name for the/our body. Same as the name Israel means/is referring to our body, and that also refers to the entire earth. And Earth is another name for our body. Which lead us to think, maybe, just maybe the entire Bible and or ALL religious texts are recordings of Spirit communicating and or navigating experiences with the 12 apostles that are the 12 conscious Minerals it needs to Be in the physical realm. Maybe what it is written within the Bible, is trying to warn us off something that concerns us deeply. No, we are not laughing, but regardless, this would be a subject for another day.

The gods left us being in charge for our PLA- NET, meaning the power was giving for [us] governing ourselves. And noticed we say the power was giving for us [All] not to a Few. Meaning each of us individually is responsible, liable, and accountable for our own actions, or should we say for our own BE’ing and DO’ing. Thus we must be conscious the path we choose if we are governing ourselves. Keep in mind that our actions affect the entire planet matters not how small that could be. Think that we are basically custodians for this planet without prejudice; that we are living this physical realm temporarily, and that all that we have/possess, when we leave or when we die, we are not taking it with us, nor do we own anything frankly. We are all simply earth’s custodians and we should do so responsibly. It is with this in mind that we can keep nature in balance, and restoration on check. If this is not achieve then we all would perish in the blink of an eye. >> For your ultimate knowing comeback and navigate reading here:  >>

Keep also in mind that the earth’s resources are not for being plunder, do the fact that they are the earth’s resources, not ours. Without the earth’s own resources, the earth cannot survive, like for example, petroleum is for the earth’s plates for lubrication so that way the plates can navigate easily without making thunder noises, or forming earthquakes! The sands from the oceans are for the waters thriving, and if the sands are being taking away from the oceans, our oceans, rivers, and lakes would erode. Our forests and trees are for  ourselves+ all other creatures,+ and our ecological system for thriving. Not for being plunder for making furnitures, make land mines,+ and all other kinds of convenient toys that then are sold to us for a fee! Further, harming our food supply that nature has provided for us, as are wheat, rice, beans, tomatoes, corn, cotton, and etc., with harmful organisms created in a laboratory= genetically engineered=modified  organisms, is one of the highest offense against Nature. Remember that nature makes no mistake. Nature is perfect. If we fuck with nature, nature will destroy each one of us. And this is exactly what genetically modified products would do. In truth this is genocide for all living creatures. It is destroying our human genome,+ and that for other living creatures. Having knowledge comes with the responsibility for knowing the difference consequence that comes for DO’ing good, and or for DO’ing evil. It is not a coincidence that the word evil also means= live.  Evil is against life. Good is pro life. One of humanity’s goal is learning honoring these forces by keeping them in balance as= 0 : 0 or 1 : 1. The weighting scale must be even between them two. And thus the battle for good, and thus the battle for evil. Darkness : Light. Can we all be responsible warriors with knowledge that cause no harm?

We are very vicious creatures, and if it wasn’t for the help we have gotten from our ancestors beings, our earth would have gone by now due the damages that we humanity have done to it. Inflicted upon ourselves with actions that are against nature like for example sexual immorality as homosexuality,+ and transgender. The Creator holds two intrinsic genders that are male+ and female that are essential for the species multiplying within the upper worlds, or within this physical realm. Transgender is a dishonor against the Creator, and a dishonor against our own self.  Fucking around with our sex organs, and or for that matter all organs within our bodies are crimes of higher proportions that the medical [industry] has managed mastering for our own demise, inclusive when we are in the most sacred place as it is within the mother’s womb. All mother’s wombs. We have manage consenting destroying ourselves+ and nature in all forms without regards. We have lost common sense that is nature itself, thus we are with mental retardation. This is very, very critical. This is very dangerous for the creation, and our own survival.

We are most thankful for all these helping hands from above, however, as we said, the time is now for us be aware that our earth is not only sacred/holy in certain areas as for example in Mecca, Egypt, or India, etc. Our earth is a holy sacred sentient being in its entirety that do not mind sharing with us all its own resources, however, abuses are intentional, malicious actions that would affect us all, and this must be stop! These includes as well technologies that are dangerous for our own original blueprint,+ and that for all other creatures. One thing that we must keep in mind is that we are a technology in itself. We are basically an organic cell phone! Memory, intuition, awareness, kindness, love, happiness,+ and hate, division, lying, murdering, imagination, wars, greed, life, thoughts, courage, weakness, health, wealth+ and etc., are all applications that we can use for our own divinity, or for our own demise. And here is when responsibility must stand for what it is!

Nature is a technology that suits us perfect, however, if we disturb nature’s balance we are most certainly going to pay the consequences with diseases, disorientation, premature death, and serious damages against our entire planet! Our innate habitat is not for being fucking around with for sure with technology that harms it, thus we must be open minded protecting ourselves; protecting our own DNA= blueprint from harmful technologies that along with vicious predators can destroy us all. Harmful technologies are the enemy. For safety, use your cell phone as needed, and at night before going to bed, set it on airplane mode, and as well unplug your wifi from the connecting wall until next morning that you plug it again.

At the end, as we said, we are all [each] responsible, liable, and accountable for our own individual actions. Not even the gods are exempt from this, let alone us mortals. Our actions bring consequences thus we must discern the path we take. Be aware that we are all on the world’s stage, meaning nothing goes unnoticed not even [one single] breath we take. Conscious awareness is the [name] for the awareness. Do not make your life journey and that for others more challenging than it was meant BE’ing. One way for doing this is by honoring each other; all the creation as it is+ as well helping each other being all that we can be. Do not violate, infringe, invade, dishonor, coerce, and subjugate others for your own gain! Let the BE’ing Be.

Ask yourselves, why would you want taking upon the life’s journey from anyone else?  We have enough with the responsibility for our own life and that for our own family. Life was meant for having fun lovingly,+ and sweetly within the [kingdom] from heaven that is earth. Within the kingdom are many kingdoms that ought be honor,+ and all living in harmony. Suffering, hunger, homelessness, division, hate, fear, wars,+ and etc., was never on the menu. We humans with our own vicious vices within that are controlling us: that have being taking control over our own selves, created these. The question is now, how can we get rid of our own vices? For start, make sure to eat a combination of healthy+ and vital nutritious food that it is not tainted with any harmful material. And do not use microwave! Microwave give us atomic energy that would destroy the vital nutrients within the food we are going to ingest! Remember that what you eat or what you ingest, define you. It is written that “we are what we eat.” Nothing can be more clear than this. Further, and too not take any chances, take a good multivitamins, and for a good detox, take antioxidant N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine= N-A-C. These should be taking daily and especially if you are over 40 years old. And you might want as well, take 2 times a week, a tablespoon of Hemp oil, specially in the morning hours. This is great for ultimate mental clarity,+ and energy! Make sure to buy a hemp oil that is organic cold pressed. No you will not gain weight.

Keep in mind that the American diet is totally depleted and taking these supplements is vital. And we repeat, “ONLY nature’s minerals heals the body. Only natures minerals Cells Salts keeps our body in harmony= healthy, and if our body is healthy then we are vibrating at the ultimate needed frequency. You might want as well learn how to make from scratch herbal tea! For example, take 1/2 cinnamon stick(= organic cinnamon that comes from SriLanka. The cinnamon that we see at the market is a fake cinnamon that causes headaches, intestinal+ and liver issues.)+ 3 green orange leaves or 3 green lemon leaves+ a good piece of fresh ginger+ 5 allspice+ and some sprinkles of nutmeg, and now put them all together and let it boil for at least five minutes in a half full glass pot. And Boom, there you have fresh made tea for a few days! Warm each time you drink it. You can also make the tea with cinnamon alone; same as with the ginger, and same as allspice. And have tried Anise tea?

And Quote: As is the blood, so is the body; as is the body, so is the brain; as is the brain, so is the quality of thought. As a man is builded, so thinks he. Man is his own savior.

“Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.”‍ ~1 Corinthians 16:13

Our health is our own responsibility. Be your own alchemist. Be responsible ALL ways, always.

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