We came to this Earth, this sphere or little blue planet to have a physical experience or should we say to go to school or university if you wiil, Source gave us the gift and choice to choose. He gave us FREE WILL. What we mean by this is that when we are ready to graduate we simply go back to HIM or you may also say the place we come from.

It may take us thousands and thousands maybe millions of years to have infinity experiences, these experiences can be of the most happiness to the most horrible and evil. But no matter how long it will take, soon or later we’ll get there! What we need to keep in mind is that we are not from here, and that we are Light Beings with a heart that radiate Pure Love Energy; we are Light Beings of Pure Love that some day will go back to their original Star.

This star could be within this galaxy, the Milky Way or maybe another galaxy within many out there. A galaxy is also called a universe which in the middle have a Central Sun. This central sun gives life to millions and millions of constellations and solars systems that form the galaxy.

A constellation have a clusters of solars systems that rotate around a central sun, but it is not the Central Sun of the galaxy! A famous constellation is the Pleiades, which is also called the Seven Sisters by ancient texts and history.

To our amazement our solar system is part of the Pleiades, we are the Seventh solar system that surround a central sun, this Sun is call Alcione. So the Pleiades is a constellation of seven solars systems that rotate around a central sun called Alcione and we are part of it! Like this example there are billions within our galaxy along, so think of the immensity of creation!  Our solar system, as we know have a central sun and it’s planets that navigate in a spiraling way with the sun, so to say the least, a sun is always taking care by a higher sun.

It is good to know that we never died (only our physical body die) instead we go from womb to womb going to experiences to experiences until we balance or wake up of the illusion we created on this third dimensional planet.

Before we came here we knew everything, we also knew that we will forget everything, but why this? Because if we did not forget we would not be able to go through the experiences, so a veil was put on to our previous memory!

Earth is in a low vibrational dimension, meaning that earth gets very little light from the central sun although there are ways to enter it, but in general earth is in low vibration. This is why the confusion and the illusion.. is like we are all lost imagining all kinds of stuff and inventing all kinds of ideas, but why? Because we lost the Light!  That is why we have all these Masters of Light throughout history teaching us all about “love, doing good for others..etc., etc.” These light beings decided to be born here on earth in order to remind us of WHO WE ARE. The teaching of Jesus is a good example of that to say the least. And do not get me started on the long history of the earth about all those so called gods or astronauts from other worlds that came here to robbed our resources and take advantage of our human good heart.

The Bible is full of that to say the least but do not get yourself confuse, just keep to the new testament. Here it is very clear that Jesus and the disciple are teaching the esoteric teaching of Love, the complicated science of the universe, but not as complicated if understood from the heart centre . Meaning our physical heart that in truth rest in the higher realms.

Which comes to think Jesus always said, “the kingdom of heaven is within you, he also said, ” whatever I can do you also can do.” In another way he is telling us time and time again to not forget our heritage. He never said for anyone to adore him as an idol, he said very clear, “you are the light of the world” he did not say “I am the light of the world,” although there it was a time when he said “I am the way and the truth.”  You have to understand that who said that it was not Jesus the man but the Christ Light within him (not the I of the ego). The Christ Light is a light that we all must turn on within our heart, when we turn that little light on, our Christ has been born within.

Our entire life will change there from when  we think with our heart and not our brain. Our heart knows no wars, greed, pride, envy… It only knows Love, do you see how important it is for us to open our heart chakra?

Christ means crystal, clear, beauty, knowledge, light, love, energy, creation, it means what it is: crystalline vibrations/atoms of knowledge/energy of love. And that is what it is call GOD.

For many people out there, let us remind you that we are in the End time, which means the earth no longer wants to stay on the third dimension and she will take with her all the human that want to come along, but she will not be a third dimensional star anymore!  She will leave whether you like it or not! The choice is yours. Our earth is going to the fifth dimension, not fourth, but fifth! On the fifth dimension life is very beautiful, full of peace and abundance, not only that but we share the connections with all the other beings across the universe and beyond.

What do you need to ascend with earth? First of all you need to agree and make the choice that YES!! You want to go! Then from that moment on she and all ascended masters like Jesus, Buddha… and all light beings from the higher realms will do something to make it happen for you, like for example they will immediately will give you helpers, these helpers are within/with you whether you realized it or not; second they will guide you. The important thing is that you must work on this every minute of your day until/through the end of 1212 when the exodus end. This means that by that time you should have a complete turn around of who you were and what you are now. This happens because there are portals of light energy that every month/ day are being opened, and as this energy flood us, our consciousness is shifting to the Light Being we truly are! Like for example by now you probably feel like you can no longer stand the city, crowded areas, certain people, can’t stand watching television… the list goes on and on… This is happening because you are leaving the third density!  Light is erasing the darkness, so that is why the End time-third dimension is dissolving!

Do you see what we are saying here?

But what is going to strike you more is that before you decided to come to this dimension, you knew that you were going to be here for this End time, for this transitional period of the earth and humanity! If you are reading this now you are one of the lucky ones that will ascend; this will trigger your memories; this will make an impact on you! You, believe it or not are one of the Light Beings that volunteered to make this happen! As you knew then that with your light vibrations our earth will make a soft/smooth transition or better yet, you would help others to ascend by means of sharing this article or talking to them about what makes sense.. about our true heritage.

So what are you waiting for?  Start your engine!

To raise your vibrations keep cool calm and collect, pray, meditate (find different ways of meditation on YouTube), take daily walks, example: go to the park, the lake, the ocean (go bare foot for more absorption), sun gazing is great specially in the morning and evenings! Stay away from television, television absorb all your vibration! Listen to soft music, take long breathing of the fresh air, eat light food, if possible avoid all meats and cut down on sugar and carbs! Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, rice, beans… But most important ask your highest SELF or your God within you to guide you through these changing times.

If you do all these, soon you are going to see light ships by your bedside, this is a good sign! Also you are going to see or hear voices, maybe Jesus himself will appear to you! Do not be afraid as when we are consciously in the higher realms we meet all kinds of beings, even not so very friendly ones! Remember that your body is your property and you do not consent of anyone touching you or getting into your field. That is all.

People, fly away! Lets get out of here, aren’t you tired of the same round and around already? Soon our neighboring brothers and sisters will be here so they can help us with this transition, please welcome them with love and open hearts as they  are beings of light that are only here to help us with this End time. We know that there are some religious nuts out there that do not believe anything like this and others think this is just B S, especially the Few that control us, like stupid that we are.

If we were to tell you that if it wasn’t for our Benevolent light beings, by now our little blue planet would off been gone. And what we meant by this is that earth would had shaken her legs with all kinds of earthquakes, tsunamis… and all of us would off been extinct, so shut your mouth, be thankful, fill your heart with joy and welcome our brothers and sister with open arms, and please share this news to everyone!


Peace to all, be love, be light



~L Fabre


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  1. I don’t accept this blog post. Nevertheless, I had researched in Bing and I have found out that you’re right and I was thinking in the wrong way. Keep on writing top quality articles similar to this.

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