We came to earth, this sphere, or little blue planet to have physical experiences, or should we say to go to school, or universities, if you will. Creator gave us the gift to experience itself through us within this physical dimension until the end time of this round of creation.

It may take us thousands and thousands, maybe millions of years to have infinity experiences, but at the end all must cease and desist. At the end we all must return to where we came from, and that is the endlessly Conscious Ocean Sky of nothingness, yet it is where all exists. It is where only the illusion of what it is, what it was, and will be, exists only in the Creator’s mind.

Our Creator’s mind is pure love, however he does have an antithesis that is pure evil. Both forces are just as powerful, thus the battle of good and evil. However, to avoid chaos, Creator creates worlds, and entities, and gods to keep order within the Nothingness mind. And thus the beginning, and end of rounds of creations.

Right now earth is going through many changes, due the fact that earth has been vibrating on a low frequency, and this is why we are all like zombies that have lost the way. The way back home to our original star. We humanity, unfortunately caused this. In another way, our actions against each other, and the entire creation has been very evil, and thus we lost balance. We forgot to keep natures balance; we forgot restoration, and thus our downfall. Before we can all understand this, we first must recognized that all is energy= energy is with its own right at the same time conscious of itself. Energy is determent by the elements like the water, the air, the wind, the earth, fire, and aether. Without the elements life could not exists!

This humanity have used the elements to cause harm to all the creation and ourselves, thus the time has come for us all to shift conscious to a higher level. We have to stop whoring what it is so vital for our survival. It is vital that we re-member love, the force that unite all as One force. The force that keeps natures balance; nature’s restoration. Without keeping natures balance, and restoration on check, all life would perish.

To raise your vibrations, pray, meditate (chose the kind of meditation that would suits you best). Further, take daily walks, for example, go to the park, the lake, the ocean (go bare foot for more absorption). Do sun gazing, specially in the morning and evenings! Stay away from television, television absorb all your vibration! Listen to soft music, and take long breathing of the fresh air. Eat light food, if possible avoid all meats and cut down on sugar and carbs! Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, rice, beans… But most important ask your highest Self, or your God essence within you to guide you through these changing times all ways always.

Do not be afraid as when we are consciously in higher realms we meet all kinds of beings, even not so very friendly ones! Remember that your body is your property and you do not consent of anyone touching you or getting into your field without consent, specially demons, they are the most intruders! We must use discernment!

There are benevolent beings helping us with all these changes, however,  it is up to us to make everything come true. The gods left us to be in charge of our planet, meaning the power was giving to [us] to do so. And noticed we say the power was giving to us [All] not to a Few. Meaning each of us individually is responsible, liable, and accountable for our own actions, or should we say for our own BE’ing and DO’ing. Thus we must be conscious the path we choose if we aught to govern ourselves. Keep in mind that our actions affect the whole matter not how small that could be. Think that we are basically custodians for this planet without prejudice; that we are living this physical realm temporarily, and that all that we have when we leave, we are not taking it with us, nor do we own anything frankly. We are all simply earth’s custodians, and we should do so responsibly. It is the only way that we can keep nature in balance, and restoration on check. If this is not achieve then we all will perish on the blink of an eye.

Keep also in mind that the earth’s resources are not to be plunder do the fact that they are the earth’s resources, not ours. Without the earth’s own resources, the earth cannot survive, like for example, petroleum is for the earth plates for lubrication so that way the plates can navigate easily without making thunder noises, or forming earthquakes! The sands of the oceans are for the waters to thrive, and if the sands are being taking away from the oceans, our oceans, rivers, and lakes will erode. Our forests, and trees are for our ourselves+ all other creatures, and our ecological system to thrive, not to be plunder to make furnitures, make land mines,+ and all other kinds of harmful toys that then are sold to us for a fee!

We are very vicious creatures, and if it wasn’t for the help we have gotten from benevolent beings, our earth would have gone by now due the damages that we humanity have done to it. Inflicted upon our selves with actions that are against nature like for example sexual immorality, dishonoring the creation, and the destruction of our selves in all forms. We are most thankful for all these helping hands, however, as we said, the time is now for us be aware that our earth is a sentient being that do not mind sharing with us all of its resources, however, abuses are another intentional, malicious actions of higher proportions that would affect all of us, and this must be stop! These includes as well technologies that are dangerous for our original blueprint and that of all other creatures. One thing we have to keep in mind is that we are a technology in itself. We are basically an organic cell phone! Memory, intuition, awareness, kindness, love, happiness,+ and hate, division, lying, murdering, imagination, etc are all applications that we can use for our own divinity, or our own demise. And this is when responsibility comes to mind!

Nature is a technology that suits us perfect, however, if we disturb nature’s balance we are most certainly going to pay the consequences with diseases, disorientation, premature death, and serious damages to our entire planet! Our innate habitat is not to be fucking around with for sure with technology that harms it, thus we must be open minded protecting ourselves; our own DNA= blueprint from harmful technologies that along with vicious predators can destroy us all. Harmful technologies are the enemy.

At the end, as we said, we are all [each] responsible, liable, and accountable for our own individual actions. Not even the gods are exempt from this, let alone us mortals. Our actions bring consequences thus we must discern the path we take. Be aware that we are all on the world’s stage, meaning nothing goes unnoticed, not even one breath we take. Conscious awareness is the name of the awareness. Do not make your life journey, and that of others more challenging than it was meant Being.  One way for doing this is by honoring each other; all the creation as it is+ as well helping each other being all that we can be. Do not violate, infringe, invade, dishonor, coerce, and subjugate others for your own gain! Let the Being Be. Ask yourselves, why would you want to take upon the life’s journey of anyone else?  Don’t you have enough with that of your own, and that of your own family? Life was meant for having fun lovingly,+ and sweetly within the [kingdom] from heaven that is earth! Suffering, hunger, homelessness, division, hate, fear, and wars was never on the menu. We humans with our vices within that are controlling us: that took control of ourselves, created these. The question is now, can we get rid of our vices?

Honor. Respect. For. All.

Peace. be light. be responsible. be a guardian for ALL all ways always. ~LFabre


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