Get your Shit Together: Know the Root Cause, and Move Forward with Love

13754666_10154336592552451_3092823969972655208_nA picture of Yahweh  incarnated as Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall= BLGM




: This video below is for some out there that still are having issues
comprehending the fraud inflicted against us, the American
people and the rest of the world by those we thought we trust.

Why are we saying this? Because we are moving forward rebuilding our country again from scratch, and it is very basic that everyone know the foundation for all the deceptions, the killing of our people, the subjugations, and subordinations against us that for fact brought much suffering for us all, and that we are not going repeating again!

Many changes are upon us, and we have work to do!

Which come to mind, you will find out how the elite Talmudic demons in human flesh that call themselves Jews, and are NOT, started the ring of pedophilia in Hollywood California, which by fact is all being visible these days and time…

For it is NOT only sexual harassment that it is going on in Hollywood
against adults women; the issue is bigger than this! AND those that are coming forward speaking against certain Hollywood mogul, could be just as guilty do for their silence, and their gathering at their lavish parties where they witness the sacrificing: killing of our children, and enjoying drinking their blood. I mean one can find their videos on Youtube! This is no hidden secret.

Little are the ONES in Hollywood that do not have their hands on it, and these includes those females: males propagandists whores disguising as journalists: famous actors: actresses, television hosts, politicians such as governors, mayors, Judges, county clerks, the police, THE BAR, all banks, and last but not least, those worldwide CEOs, and both the Saudi, and English Royals Jewishcons fuckwits: THE DOCUMENTED JEWISH ROOTS OF SAUDI ROYAL



Hollywood is where the propaganda machine starts, where the sexual immorality starts such as homosexuality, transgenderism, pornography, and sexual mutilations for both sexes. Where the degeneration= corruption of our youth start, inclusive of hormone therapy that literally is genocide. And do not get us started on same sex marriage that is a disgrace for family values and the creation.

FOR years millions of children from Mexico have been kidnapped, and killed to satisfy the thirsty of these demons, inclusive the killing of men and women for organs trafficking! Hollywood has been ONE of the main hub for distributing the merchandise for their clients!

BUT wait, others are in Washington, especially in places no one would think it is…, yes, you guess the place we are all thinking… AND do not forget New York, Indiana, Florida (Disney), where hundreds if not thousands of children disappears every years and no one hears about…, what a coincidence…We hear Disney have underground facilities with lavish restaurants where children are order on the menu! In fact, some of these restaurants are in New York City, cunningly hidden from the public view… IN fact, this has been a worldwide event since the Counsel of Foreign Relation= CFR= CIA: FBI that are in partnership with the demons Jews in human flesh, = Jorge Soros: Bill Gate fuckwits, etc, etc., are everywhere…

BUT do not despair, help is on the way, and many, many are not even on earth any longer! AND when we the people are more in control of our lives, our thoughts, our communities, = helping each other, and being in Christ consciousness, then and only then all evil be GONE!

FOR we have much work at hands…

FOR we do not consent the killing of our children, and our people, and those that commit these hideous crimes are liable, accountable and responsible for their own actions…

:The Byzantine Solution:
Every pogrom in history has played into Talmudic hands, and has been cleverly instigated by them.
-Get the Jews out of banking and they cannot control the economic life of the community.
-Get the Jews out of education and they cannot pervert the minds of the young.
-Get the Jews out of government and they cannot betray the nation.
-Get the Jews out of media and they cannot defile the culture.
-Get the Jews out of law and they cannot corrupt the truth.
-Get the Jews out of medicine and they cannot invalidate the Hippocratic oath…

: For awareness worldwide for all humanity, = for our kingdom is here on hearth, = for all evil be destroy!

Video: must watch!

… And this next video is for those of concern…

… And let us remind everyone again that Prime Creator = Yahweh is here on earth incarnated as “The Comforter”= Brian Leonard Golightly Marshal, or Yah as we all call him. Yah is the Messiah that all are waiting for, or the Christ everyone was: is waiting for, however, they are for a big surprise, as the Messiah= Jesus=Joshua is not here as they taught it would be= come…, so sorry…

Yah is here to: for comforting us about the lies, and fraud committed against us, all worldwide, and most important to destroy the fucking Jews that are NOT, or Jews that call themselves Jews and are NOT. These people, or demons if you will are from the father, the Devil, the ones that follow the written evil laws from the Talmud. These demons are the ones Yah is focussing on+ destroying along with all his army.

Many of us are here on earth working with him to have this mission done.

WE already won!

What you are witnessing is the destruction of all that no longer serves us…, government…, poverty…, actually we have much work at hands, as we are rebuilding our country of the united states, and the entire planet!

>>> and those that are not serving humanity would be exiting the planet some way or another… To those we say, thank you for your service, and good luck on your next lives. For more information navigate here: 

This video here is for all motherfuckers that are destroying the Creations, and working against our people for greed, and evil doings, Pack your bags because your time is up.

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~The American people



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