Freedom From the Slavery System is Now





This is Egypt as of today date. If this video does not touch your heart, we do not know what does. Egypt, we are with you! As well as any other country that is doing the same thing, we love you all!

“We the people of this planet are sick and tired of the so called government, corporations or agencies if you will that are manage by people like us with big EGOS, and that named themselves the people government to keep us under their control. As if they owned us, as if we gave them consent to keep us under their watch list! Stop the madness. You have no authority over us and over what belongs to us all. What does not serves us any longer need to go because we want change now! We the people are united as one for the greatest good of all, not a few, we are the gold and silver, we are the money, and we are the value that is.

We are the power that BE Now!

~we the people







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