Divine Surprise

The burning ecstasy within my heart woke me up. I could not contain myself, or should I say that what was happening to me was too much for my physical body to handle.

So I stood motionless, motionless as  “what to do God?” Then, then as an opportunistic, a God of sweet splendid rays of fire appeared in front of me!

He is a Shinning Star, a golden, grandiose, and friendly Star that has opened the door of my heart. My heart is his heart and now only burning gradient love of fire is all over me!

Gracefully as a dancer doing a perfect dance, He is dancing in the depth of the unimaginable beautiful Heart Temple, showing to me His Immeasurable Divine Powers.

He is the Sun and the Sun is He. His illuminating conscious sweet Rays of Fire I cannot comprehend, but delighted I am absorbing the moment watching the most Beautiful and Powerful God made of divine gradient energy of fire.

A God of conscious gradient fire!

He reads my mind and I read His. He is I, and I am He

Divine of mine, thank you! Thank you for coming to me. Thank you for manifesting yourself through me! It is an honor that you had chosen my physical body to Be You!

But who is this God?

Is He the Christ, or is He the Sun God?


He is all of them and beyond, but now, right this moment, He is my Master! My Divine Highest Self, my only True God.

He is my Father! He is my Father who art in Heaven. My Father who art in secret. In secret as “He is within my heart.” He is my True Living God.

I love you Master, please spread within me all your loving energy of sweet lights so I can navigate as you the infinite sky!


NOTE: And for weeks my body felt as a ball of fire. I could not eat, and I was sensitive to people, and the world around me.

The only thing that was able to cool me off was going and laid like a lizard all day under the sun on the beach, or my back yard, or a park! And many times at home I had to open the refrigerator, and almost get inside of it so I could cool off the burning heart. Understand that the feeling is that of a gradient burning sensation that is very powerful.

And more astonishing, my body was so light, I felt I could fly! And if anyone was ever thinking of me, and or remembering me, in an instant that person was in front of me, and I could tell why they were thinking or remembering me! I had this grandiose feeling of joy, but at the same time, I had this grandiose feeling of sadness where I cried for anything that I knew was causing suffering to any living thing such as watching cutting a tree down, garbage in the park; and harming children. Or not treating them appropriately, as for example not giving them the appropriate attention and respect that they deserve. Children are divine, and my heart aches if they are not being honor and respect it.

In truth I felt I was visiting earth for the first time in my life, and somehow I needed to start all over again.

Yes, a new life is ahead of me indeed.

~L Fabre

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