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In itself, the atom is a miniature universe. All of the mechanical processes that are performed within the depth of the atom are also performed within our Solar System.

Atomic investigation have verified that in the exterior regions of the atom there exists a cloud of electrons with an authentic negative electrical charge, which when dissociated from the atoms, agglomerate in dense floods in order to form all of the electric currents.

The atom has been abundantly investigated and its marvels are astonishing. The nucleus, positively charged, is the vital center of this small, spherical world. As the planets gravitate around the sun, likewise electrons gravitate around that mysterious nucleus.

Without a doubt, the atomic nucleus possesses a considerable electrical charge that the nucleus utilizes in order to retain the whole cortege of peripheral electrons under its domain, yet at a respectable distance.

The nucleus is the very heart of the atom, and it is already foreseen that within that basic, fundamental, nuclear corpuscle, a vital mechanism must exist that is still up for discussion and further investigation.

The whole reason for the existence of the atom (miniature universe) is found within its nucleus. The whole inheritance of the atom and its potential resides precisely in its nucleus; the atom can explode, or on the contrary, it can be changed into other types of atoms, thanks to this central corpuscle.

At this  moment, physicists admit two fundamental constituents of the nucleus: the proton and the neutron.
By all means, it is absolutely clear that the proton is the hydrogen’s basic nucleus, in other words, it is the most central part of the hydrogen, which is the lightest and simplest of all known elements.

The  scientists Proud admitted in this time that the different elements of nature are condensations formed by the simplest of elements, hydrogen.

There exist twelve fundamental types of hydrogen; they correspond to twelve categories of matter that are contained in the universe from the Absolute down to the Infernal Worlds. The Infernal Worlds are symbolized in the Divine Comedy by Dante, they are situated within the submerged mineral kingdom in the interior of the Earth.

It is is also interesting to study the second constituent of the atomic nucleus; this is the neutron that has the same weight of the proton; in other words, it has the same weight of the nucleus of the hydrogen. Nonetheless, until now it differs from all of the particles known by conventional science.  It is indeed intriguing that it has no electrical charge, since it is a neutral corpuscle; this is why it is called neutron.

We, the Gnostics, after having discovered the three aspects of electrical energy, and after having classified those three modes of electricity with the following terms: positive, negative and neutral, have considered the neutron as a corpuscle with neutral electrical charge.

Our statement about the neutron charged with electricity in a neutral and static state might not appear very clear for modern scientists, but sooner or later they will prove it.

One of the greatest enigmas for modern atomic science is the enigma of the electrons. If the intimate mechanism of the atomic nucleus is still unknown, much less known is the intimate mechanism of the electron.

There exist positive and negative electrons; this is no longer a secret for scientists. Nevertheless, they do not know anything about the intimate mechanism of the electron.

The intellectual animal mistakenly called a human being has achieved the fractioning of the atom in order to liberate energy; yet, fortunately, they still do not know the internal mechanism of the electron, within which resides tremendous power.

It is estimated that each time a positive electron is absorbed while penetrating platinum, it produces two photons of a half of million volts each. This corresponds to a production of one million volts of photonic energy per positive electron.

The active element of the sun is hydrogen, and indeed, this is very interesting because the atom of the hydrogen (with a single electron rotating around a nucleus) is found at the border between matter in an electronic state and matter in a molecular state.

When hydrogen combines with denser matter and other matter, atoms combine with atoms for the construction of molecules. The outcome of a superior state of the superior rarefaction of hydrogen releases free electrons, or matter in an electronic state: light, magnetic waves, etc.

By making use of the coveted uranium, modern scientists have separated one electron from one atom whose density is not natural, which is almost pathologic; they have had an indisputable success. Thus, it is logical to state that in this way, they have liberated an incomparably superior power of atomic energy, that before now the human mind could not have conceived. Thereafter, by combining atoms of hydrogen, the scientists cunningly managed to form atoms; through this process, they thus produced frightful energy of practically unlimited power.

undoubtedly, the atomic bomb is millions of times more terrible than dynamite; however, it is less horrific than the hydrogen bomb.

Prostitution of solar energy exists in the hydrogen bomb; this is the worst quality of Black Magic, whose outcome will be total devastation and the decline and lifelessness of all living material on a totally new scale.

If a hydrogen bomb were to explode in the superior regions of the atmosphere (where the deposit of pure hydrogen is found), then the whole planet Earth would be burned by living fire and every creature would perish, as would every other form of life.

By wanting to use atomic  energy (by intending to discover the entire science of the transmutation of atoms or the way and manner in which one atom is changed into another) the intellectual animal longs to enter into the world where matter has all possibilities. However, he wants to enter through a false door. The intellectual animal wants to use the scientific laws without any code of ethics, without having an awakened consciousness, without having reached true spirituality.

We,  the Gnostics, have legitimate procedures in order to enter into the mysterious world [where matter has infinite possibilities], into those atomic, molecular and electronic regions where all the processes of universal life are gestated.

At this present moment, atomic radiation has altered the superior layer of the terrestrial atmosphere. If atomic explosions continue, soon the atmosphere will not be able to filter and analyze the solar rays in order to transform them into light and heat; thus, we will see the sun as black as a sackcloth of hair.

Earthquakes will intensify as long as the superior layer of the atmosphere continues to be altered due to atomic explosions, because on our planet Earth, this atmospheric layer is the provider of life.

The air that we breathe and the water that we drink is already charged with atomic radiation, and instead of being improved, this situation will only go from bad to worse. Therefore, when the atomic war explodes, we will see Dantesque scenes everywhere. People will lose their minds due to the abuse of atomic energy, hospitals will be filled with sorrow, and there will be no relief.

From under the surface of the earth, atomic explosions are liberating from the Infernal Worlds (the submerged mineral element) infernal matter, abysmal atoms, such as the following: neptunium (93),plutonium (94), americium (95), and curium (96). The outcome of this blasphemy is already before our eyes.

A trio of matter, energy, and consciousness exists inside every atom. Therefore, diabolic consciousness or a terribly malignant intelligence exists within these types of already mentioned abysmal atoms.

These atomic demons are already poisoning the weak minds of people; this is why life in the great cities has become rightfully criminal, monstrous, horrible, chilling, and terribly  malignant. this posting

SAW/ LFabre


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