Love is the Highest Religion

We are sovereign eternal Beings and we have all the tools to Shine, Be, and Do what we are! up_quotedown_quote



We are about coming together during these changing times so we can learn, awake, and grow to our highest potential. And our highest potential is living in the knowing of what we are, and what we are is conscious energy or Eternal Essence that emanate from the Universal One Consciousness or the Universal One Eternal Heart. That Conscious Energy is the science of Love, therefore everything is love.

Please browse our website so you see what we are talking about, but before you do go and make yourself a cup of herbal tea, take a deep breath and navigate to the wisdom that we are sharing with you to learn, study, and practice.

We want you to connect with those divine hidden potentials that are within yourself, your spirit, and with others, we want you to bring all lower frequency vibrations to a higher level so you can BE all that you are! BE You. BE Who You Are- Creator’s Eternal Heart Essence.

New energies are flooding our earth as we speak so we need to go with the flow, the changes. The doors of heaven are open at this moment for you to choose and receive all the Portals of Divine energies that are being send to us, these energies are of pure Love directly from the Central Sun of our galaxy fill with new information and new beginning. Our bodies will integrate these energies slowly, all you need to do at the moment is to think with your Heart because when one think with the Heart living would be full of awareness and peace as the heart do not know the physical mind which is engage in the law of duality as well as finding itself trapped in the third dimension which is where ego, pride, hate, self arrogance, greed, etc., etc., exists. The mentioned are all part of Creator, however we need to understand its nature in order to respect and enjoy our full divinity. The heart have a mind of its own, the heart can also speak any language, with this being said why not switch to the heart, why not Be and Do what we are: Creator’s Eternal Heart Essence Sovereign Free Beings!

You also need to meditate, pray, do good for others, take nature walks like walking on the beach, or the park barefoot! Also sun gazing, stars gazing, stay away from electronics radiation like your television, cell phone (use as needed, and keep it off when not in use), and do not use microwave! Keep your home ventilated, eat fresh food only, and very important, watch what you think as your thoughts are the most advanced technology you can have. And finally, ask your inner guidance to help you with your awakening as well as in your daily life.

Be The Beautiful You!

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Share our website, be the light, be love, be One connected consciously with all humanity and all other creatures.

Love and peace to all


at the road to wisdom